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Imperium August Reports

Fleet Command Report:

August has be surprisingly productive for Imperium in general. In particular a special project we had been working on that came to fruition this month. First of which is our new radio ads – if you haven’t heard them on The Base yet, you can check out the list of them here:

We think they turned out really well! A big thank you goes out to Trendane who is the voice behind it all!

Some other upcoming projects include:

  • A large update to the Imperium Manual.

  • Unit evaluations and improvements

  • An Official Imperium Recruitment Video

For any unit administrators interested in getting involved with the unit evaluations and improvements, please contact @@Nazerath and @@CyberianK.


Military Report:

As last month this report will be short and sweet, but with the end of the summer heat and RSI promising us exciting new stuff in the near future (Soon™) you can expect an increase in activity.

In view of the upcoming FPS module I want to use this report to focus your attention on our FPS guys. They have done outstanding work in the past and will do the same in the future. If you are interested in the FPS part of the game, then have a look at the platoons our guys founded, you can find them where you can find all our Units in the Unit forum:

Let’s help them make the Imperium Marines the most feared Marines in the Verse!

Best Regards and happy shooting,

Your Military Officers
Trade and Industry Report:

Howdy folks and fellow space truckers,

We T&I guys are currently involved in a couple of long term projects that are unfortunately too immature content wise to talk about yet, but you will read about them here when they are ready. Other than that there is not much to do T&I specific so we are supporting the rest of the Officers and Specialists on other matters and projects. If you have an issue to bring up don’t hesitate please and release us from this boredom.

Apart from that, let’s talk about the Social Module real quick. I don’t know about you but I was very impressed with the ship traffic as seen from the ArcCorp Bridge:


If you have not seen the whole thing together with its amazing vistas definitely do so, or watch a youtube video if you can’t. Largely inspired by Star Wars’ Coruscant which I was first impressed with when reading about it in the Zahn novels and West End Games RPG expanded universe, one thing the Episode 1-3 later surprisingly did not screw up. Together with this dev comment it got me really excited again for the upcoming PU – even when that’s still eons of waiting.

So we hope to see your ship up there soon™, ferrying the riches of the 30th century.


Exploration Report

August was a rather quiet month for Exploration. Half of its officers (Valenquo) were on vacation,  and went to Gamescom, meeting some of fleet command, regular members and other Star Citizen fans in real life.

With the Gamescom presentation we got just a small taste of what the larger universe will feel like, the planets were a little just some barren wastelands and a gas giant, so a little disappointed we didn’t get to see something a little more colorful!

We got to see the first taste of the “Quantum Drive” and EVA will hopefully be better tuned up for when we want to get out and get up close and personal with something in zero G.

We’re so close to being able to explore that large world, and we’re looking at ideas to engage people when that happens, find all the Easter eggs you know!

(Yeah that’s right Exploration wants AC 2.0 over FPS who would have thought.)

Other than that we have been exploring ArcOrp with everyone else happy to finally get to stretch our legs outside of the hangar for a bit.


Fleet Ops Report

Greetings Imperium,

As summer begins to wind down, August has been a month with a lot of exciting developments for the Operations Division.

The greatest source of our excitement was obviously the Multicrew Demo revealed at GamesCom.  While I’m sure that there are a great number of Imperium members that prefer single seat ships, and even more that are excited about the upcoming FPS module, it is no exaggeration to say that the Multicrew Demo was the one thing out of Gamescom that excited us the most.  In fact, coordinating complex missions, involving large numbers of Imperium members across multiple ships (of whatever types) is pretty much the reason that Imperium Operations exists!

In other news, I want to call out Doopsums, GreenAvenger, Malagos, and MissionAVS, and lots of other Imperium Members (I’m sorry if I missed your names, but your contributions were still definitely appreciated) who all banded together to help as many Imperium Members as possible reach Level 18 of Vanduul Swarm, achieve the “Aggressor Badge”, and purchase Vanduul (Esperia) Glaives.  That kind of coordination & teamwork to help your fellow Org members is also part of the reason that the Operations Division was created, and it was awesome to see it in action (even before we have a fully functional “Mission System” available).  Side note: If you purchased a Glaive, don’t forget to let us know here.

Last but not least, during the month of August the Operations Section for Imperium Manual v2.0 was submitted for review by the Imperium Officers, work continued on mapping out the flow of a mission through the Mission System (which should make it easier for final development), and received word from the tech Division that the System Cards Tool is ready for integration, which will be an important part of the Imperium Mission System going forward.

Look for more information in the coming months as we begin to finalize how the various components of the Mission system will work on the Portal.

Until next month, fly safe!

Imperium Operations Staff

Diplomacy Report

Greetings Imperium members!

All of us in the Diplomatic Division hope that you all have been enjoying the addition of the Diplomacy section to the portal, and have found it quite enlightening. As we have more authorizations for reveals from our friendly organizations, we will add more relationships to the portal in order to make sure our organization members are informed of our relationships. Moving forward we will also be showcasing different organizations with whom we have developed close relationships, and inviting them to come onto our Teamspeak more often to chat with our members. Please be sure to be on your best behavior when you see a person in TS with a “Foreign Dignitary” tag!

As a final note, we are all a bit saddened to have our Senior Diplomat (otherwise known as Diplomatic Specialist) Profess1onalN00b taking an extended leave of absence as he travels to Africa to work for an NGO. We will miss him while he is gone, and will be looking forward to his safe return! Be safe, N00b!


Academy Report

August, two thirds through the year, and a great time to be a Star Citizen.

This month, along with many other Officers, Members and Fleet Command, I ventured into the wilds of Germany to meet up with my Imperium brothers and sisters. A great time was had by all.

And then The CIG Event.

Sweltering heat, no AC, 2000 people crammed into an arena and all of them had armpits. It sounds like torture but we barely noticed as on the stage were Ben and Sandi, to be followed by other CIG seniors and the Roberts brothers.

Were you excited about the joystick unveiling?

Were you excited by the social module?

Were you excited by the Multicrew demo?

If you answer “Fuck yeah” to any or all of these questions you’ll have some idea about the atmosphere in the event.

Anyway, to move onto another month in Academy.

This month we continue our work on “Back-end” courses. This won’t affect you, unless you’re involved in something in the administration of Imperium. I’ve mentioned them before, but I’m just going to say don’t worry about it.

And, just this weekend, Technology surprised me by finally getting Moodle on the server. I was speechless, angry, grateful and humbled.

Thank you Kraan.

Let me explain briefly why this is important.

Moodle will be the basis for the infrastructure of Academy on the server. It isn’t Academy, it isn’t the Courses, but it is the functionality of delivering and communicating all that information backwards and forwards.

It SHOULD allow us to upload courses.

It SHOULD allow us to monitor your success.

It SHOULD allow us to display your Certifications.

It SHOULD allow us to do so much more.

I’ll be spending the next few weeks looking at this system and devising the best way that I can see to make it work for us.

In the meantime, Xeen is still hard at work rolling out Pilot Academy. Furioso is chewing through his keyboard in anticipation of the FPS module. Gratch is still working hard on the Operations side of things.

Lastly I’d like to offer a special thank you to the pilots who helped people in Arena Commander.

I’m going to name and shame only four of them, who reached my ears as being exceptional on that front:

Doopsums    (Nub)

GreenAvenger    (Earl Grey)

MissionAVS    (Bell Sniff)

Malogos        (Casual)

They know that there is a special “Reward” on the way to them, and look forward to hearing about that in an announcement soon.


Academy Officer


Intelligence Report

This month has been good to Intel. Aside from the news we can’t give you we can announce that Nip is now serving as an Intelligence Officer. If you have any questions about the division, concerns about suspicious behaviour or any other meta related enquiries please feel free to approach him, he won’t bite. Aside from the on-going tracking of people who think they are way too smart to be discovered, this is all we have to report at this time.

As always, here is the link to our Suspicious Activity and Notice of Interest forms for those who feel so inclined to assist.


Human Resources Report

Greetings from HR and welcome to this monthly report.

First off, we have a new development. HR is currently working on a proposal for an exciting new position for the StarCitizenBase forums and Imperium. Currently we are undergoing development of the role and making sure we make it as good as we can (including tools on the portal), and hope to have more information for you in the future. Watch this space for further information, but we can say it’s exciting and the person who is taking it on can’t wait to begin!

As always, one of our jobs is to enforce and rule upon the Imperium Code of Conduct when it comes to member actions in Star Citizen. This jurisdiction extends to Arena Commander and associated modules within the game as it develops. Within Imperium, cheating and exploitation, whether through the use of third party programs or bugs found within the game is highly unacceptable. While using these bugs and exploits on your own server with your own friends is fine, utilizing them to gain an advantage in public matches is not something we condone. Keep in mind that when you are playing Arena Commander/Star Citizen, you are representing Imperium to the wider community. While this is an Alpha, and you are supposed to test for ways to cheat and exploit, be mindful that there are others in the public server who would just like to play the game without those exploits and cheats ruining their experience. If you find a bug or an exploit please report it to CIG. As more modules get launched, if anyone is caught using bugs/exploits to simply win games or get an advantage over other players in public lobbies we will be required to take action.


On to more fun news, we have decided that each month we will have a guest appearance from a member of HR to report upon something they are working on. Our inaugural report comes from Arengorn, and concerns the TS moderator project. Take it away Arengorn.

Hello members of Imperium! This is Arengorn, head of The TS moderators and supreme leader of the Ostridge Kingdom. This month TS has been rather filled with people due to GamesCom, we had an amazing lobby for the Twitch stream that reached over 80 people! Apart from that we’re preparing for the FPS release (coming around the same time as Half-Life 3) and the Social Module. If you haven’t yet come to our TeamSpeak please join us. The more the better! Also if you feel like you have what it takes to become a TS Moderator please inform a member of the Human Resources team.

Thanks Arengorn. And now…. on to everyone’s favorite segment…

The winner of this month’s MVP goes to…

GeraldEvans! Gerald worked hard throughout the time leading up to and during the Gamescom event to bring us the latest information regarding the goings-on of CIG at the event. If you missed something at Gamescom, be sure to check out his thread. It’s sure to be in there.

Remember: if you see a post from someone that you believe is worthy of getting MVP, be sure to nominate it right away! This is not restricted to Imperium members, so feel free to nominate anyone on SCB you deem worthy.

Don’t forget everyone T.H.I.N.K (is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind) be cool and see you next month!


Technology Report

Greetings Programs

This month the Tech Division has been completing many of the final pre-requisites for the Mission system as well as making improvements to existing systems – and some UI changes.

Portal has once again had a bit of a face-lift. The old sidebar has been replaced with a categorised header menu – this not only makes a lot more screen space available but also makes it easier to navigate around the site (no more need to open several sub menus to get to where you want to go).

The ‘Systems’ Module, while not a map in its own right, will provide definitions of the various star systems to be used as waypoints by Mission creators to chart their course. The module will also provide the means of submitting reports concerning current events in that system such as pirate activity or a rich asteroid belt.

The Hangar has been improved to allow for multi-ship packages to be added – so large packs no longer need to be added manually. Additional functionality such as deleting a package and its contents, allowing the Hangar to be seen by Unit members only and additional miscellaneous features will come afterwards.

Ground work for the Academy Moodle is now in place and basic set-up and themes are completed. Tests have begun on its systems and content controls. Once the system functions as expected hooks into IPB and Portal will be coded.

Additionally, some work has been done towards getting Citizens Arena into shape – currently waiting on storyboards and additional content.

Next month we will be focusing on the database and low level systems for the Mission Board and continuing to improve the features of current modules such as Units – specifically we will be revisiting the Rank system and Unit permission management.

Work will also be done to allow for cleaner and easier inter-org usage, allowing users from external organisations to access many of the functions currently reserved for Imperium within a self contained (read: custom themed) environment.

End of Line


Fleet Media Report

Another month passed by like an Origin M50 on afterburners, so we are here again with the Purple report.

As the summer nears its end, the whole Fleet is waking up from seasonal lethargy, including the Media Team, and we are slowly getting back to be active again. The recent big updates for Star Citizen brought a new sparkle to the Verse and much needed fresh air and clearer future for the game we all want to see and play someday.

Media Team is glad to announce that we´ve accepted another new member, who will, or actually already is, helping to improve the visual side of Imperium. @elleesee has been a great help with establishing the new donation system, providing the new assets, and also put together some very nice footage from Gamescom, where we had our members attending. You can see the video here. Big thanks to her and welcome to the Team!

Our Signature delivery system worked the usual way, although a demand is still a bit low. Our dedicated sigmakers have helped another batch of new members to get their shiny new signatures to parade on the forums. Thanks for your contribution guys!

As always, don´t hesitate to contact any of our active Media Team members. If you have any questions, requests or want to help, we are here for you.

If you want to see what we are about, check our public showcase here!

If you are interested to join our ranks, see our recruitment thread here! (challenge is still active even though the main competition is finished)

And again, we appreciate all the support and feedback from all of you, the great community of SCB!

Media Team – Purple Power!