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Squadron 42 Story Drop Courtesy Of Chris Roberts (Spoilers!)


At this point, two and-a-half years after the launch of the original Kickstarter campaign, much is known about Star Citizen: we’ve been dogfighting for almost a year in Arena Commander; we’re about to put our boots on the ground in Star Marine; and very shortly, we’ll be shopping ’til we drop in Area 18 on ArcCorp. As Chris Roberts recently stated, it’s all starting to come together.

However, one aspect of Star Citizen has been conspicuously absent from all of the hoopla and information dumps: Squadron 42.

Squadron 42 is of course the spiritual successor to Wing Commander, an offline, single-player mission driven story campaign.
It will introduce players to the Star Citizen universe, along with the locations, ships and characters. Not only that, you’ll be able to play co-op with your friends. Roberts has mentioned the first set of missions for the campaign will release in the fall timeframe of this year.

Outside of those precious , we knew precious little about the campaign. That is, until yesterday.

In an interview over on Blastr, Chris Roberts was asked about Squadron 42. We’re no stranger to Chris’ uncanny ability to answer a question as thoroughly as any human possibly can, but he went even further this time. When asked about the story of Squadron 42, he game some exceptionally detailed information. To the point where I’m sorta mad that I read it! Continue reading ‘Squadron 42 Story Drop Courtesy Of Chris Roberts (Spoilers!)’ »