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April Reports

Greetings Imperium. For months there have been rumors of “something big” coming that would have a large impact on Imperium operations, and you may have heard bits and pieces and been told “I can’t really say more” by those in the know. The wait is over, for it is with great relief that we are ready to reveal what has dominated the last several months of work behind the scenes.

The Imperium Manual v1.0 is here. This manual is not only a guide to the things you as existing members already know, however, as there are a number of important and far-reaching changes outlined within.

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Star Citizen Base’s New Look!

Greetings Star Citizen Basers,

With the new year, upon us we felt that it would be nice to keep things fresh here at Star Citizen Base. As the largest, most active unofficial fan forums for Star Citizen with over 9000 registered members, and over 221,000 posts to date, we know that the Star Citizen community relies on these forums as well as those of RSI to keep fully up to date on game, developer, and community news. That being said, we are happy to show off our new front page! If you were like myself when I first joined SCB, and were impressed by the overall design and structure we had back then, I sure you will be impressed by the hours of hard work put in by our team here to bring you a very sleek, new front page.

The front page contains a global registered user map, forum statistics, community links, a news feed, information on Imperium and our Yearly/Monthly reports!

We hope you enjoy the new page and are looking forward to all the new tools we hope to bring you in the future.

Happy New Year everyone!

*We are currently looking for anyone who wishes to piece news articles together for the front page news feed
*Some kinks are being worked out of the live product. 😉
*Ps. There is an Easter Egg

Update 02.01.2015

These reports have been archived, you can find them here.