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The RSI Orion Mining Platform Has Arrived!


It’s a big day for all of the future Trade & Industry magnates out there. Not only do we learn exactly how mining will work in the Star Citizen universe, but the vessel born for the task — the Orion from RSI — is finally on sale!

Carrying a price tag of $325 and coming with a lifetime insurance policy, the Orion represents the first of the big task-specific ships since the Carrack to reach the concept sale phase.


To go along with the ship, CIG has posted a design deep-dive that’s all about how mining will work in Star Citizen. It speaks of each crew member’s potential responsibility, and what you can do with that delicious ore once you’ve got it in your hold.


There was also supposed to be a new mini-game to play on the RSI website, however a tweet from Ben Lesnick seems to indicate item might have been delayed. No mention for how long.

So, what do you think Imperium T&I? Is the Orion everything you hoped for?

Letter from the Chairman: Happy New Year

Greetings Citizens,

2014 has been a huge year for Star Citizen.

We launched Arena Commander v0.8 in June and since then we’ve shown the ambition of the First Person Universe we are building with a prototype of multi crew ship combat, the scale and detail of the planet side environments and demonstrated the visceral action of the First Person Combat that players will experience in Star Citizen.

We’ve delivered 23 updates to Star Citizen / Arena Commander, four of them being major feature updates (v0.8. v0.9, v0.9.2) with the last one being the largest, Arena Commander v1.0, with fifteen new ships for backers to fly (all the Aurora and Hornet variants, Mustang family, Base Avenger and Cutlass Black) as well as significant gameplay additions like the signature system and social features like the first version of the lobby system allowing you to join up with your friends.

Star Citizen’s backers downloaded 13.7 PETABYTES of data from Star Citizen’s CDN during 2014 up from just ONE Petabyte in 2013. The community logged over two million sessions and one million hours playing Arena Commander which has been split approximately 80% single player and 20% multiplayer.

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