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Imperium November Report

Fleet Command Report

November has been a busy month for FC. Obviously dealing with the great Fallout-ening of 2016 took its toll but press on we must and we’re happy to have taken a large bite out of the Unit project that will bring all of Imperium’s Units into effective operational units fit for everything the verse has to throw at us. If you would like to know more about the changes to the Unit system please see the following links:

Introduction, Unit History, Revisions: (Audio Recording)

Unit Q&A: (Audio Recording)

And for those of you who would rather read than listen to the recording, this was the document that was discussed during the multiple Unit Q&A we held throughout the month.

As we receive more feedback from Unit Administrators, we will make needed adjustments and the information you find here will make its way into the next iteration of the Imperium Manual so that all new members of Imperium will have the opportunity to educate themselves about the Unit Structure of Imperium.

Next month’s report will be the Annual “Year in Review” so stay tuned for a much larger update.

With that report will come an announcement regarding the format of Imperium’s monthly reports and updates to the fleet. Exciting times are ahead! See you next month!

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Imperium October Report

Fleet Command Report:

Happy Halloween Imperium!

Fleet Command would like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween, and an even happier end to October. This month saw us experiencing a huge increase in our activity levels as we all experienced the awesomeness that was CitizenCon, as well as rolling out some new systems for the organization. In keeping with our tradition of improving ourselves and our organization, we are preparing for even more exciting and new features to our portal, as well as our manual and structure, and we will keep everyone updated as always. With that having been said, Unit Founders please keep an eye out for PMs hitting your inboxes in the next week or so!

As we ramp up our activity levels in preparation for the release of more Star Citizen modules, we have also begun to ramp up our recruitment of members who wish to contribute more to the community. We will have more of the technical side of things in the Tech Report, but for now just be sure to check out this link:

If you think you have what it takes to help the organization as a staff member, put in an application.

The CIG Anniversary livestream will take place on November 19 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pacific – be sure to tune in and join your fellow SCB members on Teamspeak during the event!

Thanks for reading, everyone, and as always if you have questions or input, feel free to PM an Officer, or post in the suggestion forum!

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July Reports

Fleet Command Report:

It’s that time of the month again, and the Imperium Fleet Commanders have sat back, drawn straws, and it’s now Chimaera’s turn to write the report!  In the interest of making sure that all of you don’t end up falling asleep, or having your eyes glaze over from boredom, this report will attempt to be brief.  So without further ado, here we go!

Item One: Valenquo is now an Exploration Officer, make sure he gets a warm welcome in TS and on the boards! (FYI this also means that there’s an opening for an Exploration Specialist, so keep a look-out for a post on that!)

Item Two: HR Section module for Portal 2.0 is up and running! New members will now be able to use the new portal system to take their exams and enter into the fleet. AWESOMESAUCE!

Item Three: New project for System Cards has started development. Look for more info in the next monthly report!

Item Four: GAMESCOM!!!!! We have quite a few Imperium members who are going to the convention and will be participating in events, hooking up to chat and hang out and, in general, cause mayhem. If you’re a member planning on heading to Gamescom and would like to meet up with Imperium members, please feel free to message Core, Draegar, Warwulf, Ryofar, CyberianK or Valenquo for details.

There we go folks! Short and sweet from Fleet Command, so feel free to scroll down and read the rest of the report… enjoy!

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June Reports

Fleet Command Report:


Greetings from Fleet Command!


So as you guys may have noticed… we’ve done a bit of redecorating around here. Gallitin has been hard at work to ensure that the new update has gone smoothly. We did manage to run into a few snags, as is common with such a big update, but nothing major. The new update does bring with it some pretty exciting new plugins for the boards. Unfortunately last month also saw the resignation of 2 officers who have been with us for a long time and put in hours and hours of work in their respective fields. Delota and DasDeimos will definitely leave a void that is going to be hard to fill. On a lighter note, Kraan Rastaban has been promoted as the new Tech officer!

We are currently still in the process of playing catchup in regards to updating Portal2.0 with all the functionality we now lack from the loss of Portal1 (Gotta feel bad for HR people!). This however does not mean that there aren’t any new things on the horizon!

We’re just not gonna say anything about those… yet. Check for announcements in the coming month!


Military Report:

Hello fellow Marines, Fighter Pilots, Bomber Pilots, Scouts, Capital Ship Captains, Assassins… wait we don’t have Assassins, but you should know who I mean. This is the Military Report for June. The part that you’ve read until now is probably longer than the part where I tell you what we did this month – in short this was a very slow month for all of us, and it’s still getting warmer outside.

We are currently all waiting for the Star Marine module where we are planning to have regular events and we are also working on the rules for the Units, and are brainstorming some other ideas (more to follow when when we finish some ideas).

I’ll hope we have some more updates for you next month.

Best Regards,

The Military Officers


Trade and Industry Report:

Greetings fellow Imperium truckers and pilots,

There has been a little bit from CIG, the Genesis Starliner and the design document about passenger transport. We knew that it would be possible, although until now it was more about transporting only a few and either for personal use or for wealthy passengers.

Now we’ve gained more insight on the topic and it not only requires the right ship, but also the right license (one that you can lose, if you perform poorly).

Unlike other games, where passengers are more or less treated like cargo, Star Citizen takes it one step further. You have to interact with your passengers. They want to be entertained and need food and drinks. Additionally you have to keep your ship and its systems in a good shape. All this to get a good rating in the end and to keep your license. Without a license, goodbye passengers and of course goodbye money.

It might not sound interesting for everyone, but it once again shows how detailed the world of Star Citizen will be.

Internally in T&I we had a Specialist meeting to come up with ways to keep us active and busy and get us through the current drought of module release delays. If you have any ideas and suggestions of yours that you want to bring to us please don’t hesitate to contact us in TS or post in the forums, or PM us.

Lastly can someone tell us who was the joker who deactivated the stasis field in our Phoenix hold and wrecked the haulerbot during yesterday’s party? Now all the cargo crates are out of place and we can’t figure out how to get them back. If you would be so kind to help us on that:

Complicated Star Citizen Constellation Cargo Crate Placement Simulation

Thank you for reading and hang in there folks,

Your T&I Team – @Nameless, @CyberianK, @Zhane, @Radoorid, @Jon1812


Exploration Report

Hey everyone, just going to be a short one this month.

We in Exploration still look for different ways to create an engaging and fulfilling environment for everyone, and ways to polish any skills needed to explore once SC comes around.  This being said I think everyone can see that with CIG clamping down on trying to get the FPS module out there hasn’t been much to give out for us explorers.

 We are looking for new ideas and anyone who wants to can feel free to host or start talks about anything to do with exploration, we are always around watching for people to step up their game and show us something new.

Mission creation is still going strong with a heavy focus on theory-crafting still, but as we move forward things will start coming together – just like SC is!

With summer in full swing we may see a change in activity patterns with vacations and travelling in IRL, but we are used to these things.

Till Next time, Keep Calm and Explore On!


Fleet Ops Report

June has been a month of contrasts for the team here in Operations…

The beginning of Summer has created several absences due to real life events ranging from vacations, to moves, and even Military Training.  Fear not Imperium, because even though many of our members disappeared for periods of time during the last month, we have still been busy behind the scenes, working to create a Mission System worthy of Imperium!

 During the month of June we created a draft document to begin mapping out the (expected) flow of a Mission through the Portal.  Starting at initial planning, moving on to staging, and then execution, and finally to completion (and review), our goal is to develop systems to make the entire process as smooth and easy to navigate (while also as easy to manage) as possible. The initial draft has already been forwarded to Fleet Command, and while several more drafts will undoubtedly be required before we have the project in a completed form, we are hoping to be able to move to the next phase, and send the project to all of the various Division Officers for review sometime in July.

In addition to working on our draft document, we also have had to deal with the reality that while amazing (in terms of what they can accomplish), Imperium’s Tech Team is an all-volunteer group, and their time and efforts have to be maximized.  In an effort to cut down on the number of tools and features (related to the Mission System) that they will have to build, we have also reached out to CIG to attempt to gain any information that we possibly can about the expected tools, features, and API’s that will be available in Orgs v2.0 and the final game.  As always, CIG has been slow to respond, and the information that they have posted has been limited, but we will continue to gather as much information as possible (from all sources possible, including even Reddit, and the RSI forums), so that there won’t be any need for our Tech Team to waste time “reinventing the wheel” (unless they find a way to do it even better…)

Finally, we had initially hoped to host another “Capital Ship Q&A” during June, like we did back in March, but with absolutely zero (new) information released since our last meeting, these plans have been put on hold until we get a little closer to the release of AC v2.0 (Multi-Crew Ships).  Once this happens, we will host another meeting to review what we know, to make plans for testing out the Multi-Crew mechanics to the fullest possible extent, and to discuss how these mechanics will fit into the Mission System for Imperium.

Until next month, fly safe!

The Imperium Operations Staff


Diplomacy Report

Another month has passed, and with it we are one small step closer to entering into a new life as Star Citizens. With CIG moving forward to make this dream a reality, we at Imperium continue to focus on our relentless forward momentum. Even as the summer months traditionally see a low point in terms of participation, the Imperium diplomacy division continues to knock on the doors of our fellow Star Citizen organizations searching for those who would call themselves our friends.

 Building relationships, as in our own lives, takes time, patience and consistent communication. With that in mind, the team in the Imperium diplomacy division has time and again risen to the challenges that lie before them in order to lay the groundwork for well established, long lasting ties between Imperium and its allies. Through the dedication and hard work of the Imperium diplomacy division, June has proven to be as successful as previous months.

 It is especially noteworthy that with the addition of our newest diplomat, Metternich70, Imperium diplomacy has bridged the gap between Imperium and the Spanish speaking community. His dedication to Imperium has opened new doors for diplomatic relations and has already lead to some significant bonds between Imperium and [Redacted]. We applaud his efforts and those of the entire diplomacy team.

 Going forward, with over 10,000 organizations in the Star Citizen community, it grows increasingly more difficult to reach out to new organizations with the limited staff present in the diplomacy division at this time, That being said, if YOU find interest in making new friends, sharing your passion for Star Citizen and contributing the well being of Imperium, you are encouraged to apply for a diplomatic role in the diplomacy division. More information can be gather here:


Academy Report

June seems to have flown by almost too fast for Academy.

This month we have been mainly knuckling under with tasks already assigned, and an absence or two meant that some courses that were otherwise ready couldn’t be finalised, and two of our specialists are undertaking the task of creating a course for existing HR members.

Of course all of this is still un-released, and will remain so until we get our delivery method sorted out. Various methods have been discussed and one was decided upon a couple of months ago, however due to Technology’s high workload this was unable to be finalised and alternatives are being discussed again in case the Moodle implementation falls through.

If anyone has experience with the technical side of Moodle feel free to contact either Kraan Rastaban or WarWulf to discuss if you’re able to assist in bringing this project forward.


Intelligence Report

June has been a pretty calm month for Imperium. It has given the Intelligence division time to assess our internal needs as well as go through our security measures for our forums, teamspeak, and portal services. Details on these things are obviously [REDACTED] so we won’t get into the nitty gritty. If you would like to do your part for Imperium by getting involved with the Intelligence division or by assisting us by reporting suspicious/odd behaviour on the forums, TeamSpeak, or chat please follow the appropriate link below.

(SAF) Suspicious Activity Form

Intelligence Division FAQ


Human Resources Report

Hello fellow Imperium members,

This is another update from the tuning fork squad aka Human Resources (old members will get that joke). As many of you have probably noticed (especially if you’re actually reading this) the SCB forums and the Portal have had a bit of a change/update. Now, you might be wondering ‘how does this affect Human Resources?’ Well that is a very good question. With all the fancy new features and sleek new looks some things unfortunately broke. Now you may be wondering ‘how does this affect me?’ Well thankfully it shouldn’t. Specifically, some key features with the portal are currently not available, changing the way we add and test new members. So for now we are back to spreadsheets and to doing most stuff manually. Hopefully not forever though as tech is working hard to get it fixed.

Now that all the bad news is out of the way we’d like to reverberate some things we have brought up in prior monthly reports. Yeah that’s right, our MVP award. To recap, the award is for members of SCB who post/create quality content that promotes a non-toxic and self sustaining conversation. You can and should nominate posts/people to help our community grow and…get better.

And now its time for this Month’s MVP: wfja

Congratulations! Wfja made a great post about Star Citizen and our community here which got him the award this month. Go, check it out and let the nominations for next month coming!

As always, stay classy and see you in the verse!


Technology Report


This month has been rather busy for Tech Division both in terms of active projects as well as personnel.

Our Tech Officer Delota has stepped down as leader of Tech Division to pursue a carrier in Web Design and no longer has the time to devote to Portal development and Tech Division as a whole, as such Kraan Rastaban (that’s me) has been promoted in his place. We also have a new recruit this month who has been continuing with his induction and his progress so far is very encouraging.

On a more technical note, the month saw an update of the SCB forum software – and all the teething issues that such an upgrade invariably entails. Thankfully the vast majority of those issues have now been fixed, leaving only a token few that still need to be addressed. The TS Bot and Portal2 were down for a short time while connectivity issues were addressed. One unfortunate casualty of this update was Portal1 which with the changes to forum connectivity was deemed not important enough to be re-coded. This has resulted in Portal2 being made active sooner than was intended, effectively replacing Portal1.

Unfortunately Portal2 does not (as of writing this) contain several functions used by HR and Officers for processing new recruits. This was to be added after work was finished on other modules, but with the unexpected forced retirement of Portal1, it has now been pushed to the forefront as a vital addition. Thankfully work on HR Module is proceeding quickly so the downtime of the recruitment system will not be too adversely affected.


Fleet Media Report

Hello Imperium, Media Team here.

June has been a little less eventful than we anticipated. Both in the Verse and also here at the home base. Apart from obvious stuff like making signatures, we´ve been working on some behind the scenes stuff and some personal requests. Our recruits, now full members, were very helpful during their trial period, really active in Media boards and always ready to help where needed. Thank you guys, keep it up!

A lot of our ongoing projects and WIP stuff were in hibernation and the updates are coming a bit slow. Let´s hope there’s more news at the end of July. Things like ORG page overhaul, more recruitment assets and some other surprises may come soon. Also you probably noticed, there´s been a big update on visual side of the forums. That is all on our dear leader Gallitin, but there are a few things Media can and will do to make things look even cooler.

As always, we appreciate all the support and feedback, don´t hesitate to ask anyone with purple tag, if you have any Media related problem, suggestion or request. We are always glad to help.

Don´t forget to represent your Fleet wherever you travel this summer, because even if the weather is bad, here The sun never sets.

See you in July!

Media Team – Purple Power!

May Reports

Fleet Command Report:

The month of May has been a nice and relaxing month for all of us. Since the release of the manual we’ve been taking a small break from our larger projects.

We couldn’t have wished for a smoother release of the Manual. This has allowed a few of us to spend some time in other games. Portal 2.0 is now nearing the stage where it can replace Portal 1 altogether; this is still a few weeks away but we’re getting closer.

The testimonials we’ve gathered on the forum will be made into a script this week and we’ll hopefully have a nice little radio advertisement on The Base Radio sometime by the end of next week.

Now that we’ve had a nice relaxing month, it’s time to start getting some more things going! We’ll be looking into starting up some new projects or at least finish a bunch of old ones and make sure that everything keeps going the way it’s going.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the reports and we are looking forward to another exiting month ahead!

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