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Arena Commander 1.1 Is Live On The PTU


ArenaCommanderLogoSkinnedWhat shiny, new toys do we find ourselves waking up to on this fine PAXmas morning?  A brand-new build of Arena Commander, that’s what!

Arena Commander 1.1 has been released to the PTU for players to get their hands on. So what’s new with this release?

For starters, you no longer access Arena Commander through entering the cockpit of your ship. Instead, you have a shiny new Simpod in your hangar where you’ll access AC as well as the upcoming FPS module.

There's a new toy coming to your hangar. Meet the Simpod.


Arguably, the biggest feature of AC 1.1 might be the Rental Equipment Credits (REC) system. This system, which was announced a few weeks ago to some controversy, allows players to earn REC, a new in-game currency, just for playing Arena Commander (as well as the upcoming FPS module.) These credits can then be spent to “rent” ships and weapons inside of Arena Commander, allowing players to fly ships and use weapons without buying them by pledging real cash.

There are some other highlights as well, such as the ability to now fly and fight with your Gladius, the initial stages of the new damage state system, multi-player free-flight (now, with automatic and assisted landing and more platforms) and a ton more! Check out the full AC 1.1 patch notes over on the RSI forums.