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Imperium November Report

Fleet Command Report

November has been a busy month for FC. Obviously dealing with the great Fallout-ening of 2016 took its toll but press on we must and we’re happy to have taken a large bite out of the Unit project that will bring all of Imperium’s Units into effective operational units fit for everything the verse has to throw at us. If you would like to know more about the changes to the Unit system please see the following links:

Introduction, Unit History, Revisions: (Audio Recording)

Unit Q&A: (Audio Recording)

And for those of you who would rather read than listen to the recording, this was the document that was discussed during the multiple Unit Q&A we held throughout the month.

As we receive more feedback from Unit Administrators, we will make needed adjustments and the information you find here will make its way into the next iteration of the Imperium Manual so that all new members of Imperium will have the opportunity to educate themselves about the Unit Structure of Imperium.

Next month’s report will be the Annual “Year in Review” so stay tuned for a much larger update.

With that report will come an announcement regarding the format of Imperium’s monthly reports and updates to the fleet. Exciting times are ahead! See you next month!

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