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May Reports

Fleet Command Report:

The month of May has been a nice and relaxing month for all of us. Since the release of the manual we’ve been taking a small break from our larger projects.

We couldn’t have wished for a smoother release of the Manual. This has allowed a few of us to spend some time in other games. Portal 2.0 is now nearing the stage where it can replace Portal 1 altogether; this is still a few weeks away but we’re getting closer.

The testimonials we’ve gathered on the forum will be made into a script this week and we’ll hopefully have a nice little radio advertisement on The Base Radio sometime by the end of next week.

Now that we’ve had a nice relaxing month, it’s time to start getting some more things going! We’ll be looking into starting up some new projects or at least finish a bunch of old ones and make sure that everything keeps going the way it’s going.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the reports and we are looking forward to another exiting month ahead!

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