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PAX East Recap & Roundup


In case you didn’t notice, there’s a PAX happening this weekend! That’s right, PAX East is going on in Boston, and there were indeed Star Citizen things happening. Amazing things. Happy things. Let’s get caught up…

Show Floor

Star Citizen didn’t have it’s own presence on the show floor, but instead opted to bunk in the Logitech booth.  Here, there are demo stations set up so players could get their hands Star Citizen if they hadn’t yet experienced it before. An opportunity to greet some new converts, if you will.

Star Citizen Backer Event

While Star Citizen may have not had a full-on booth of their own at PAX East, Cloud Imperium more than made up for it with a special backer event on Saturday night, held at the Royale night club. And here, my friends, is where they brought the goods.

Chris Roberts took the stage to cheers of backers, and opened by announcing that Star Citizen 1.1 is live on the Public Test Universe. This is an important naming change, as it no longer makes sense to call it Arena Commander when it will be so much more soon — including the FPS and social modules.

Rental Equipment Credits (REC)

After covering some of the mechanical changes in 1.1, Roberts briefly went into the Rental Equipment Credits (REC) system coming with the patch. These credits can be spent in-game through the Electronic Access store so players can try out new weapons, ships and other things. Chris pointed out that Electronic Access (EA) was bought out by Original Systems, and is now a shell of a brand name at this point. Original Systems just uses EA as a digital storefront. Heh.

Improved Damage

If anyone can make damage sexy, it’s Chris Roberts and CIG.

Roberts talked about the tech behind the old damage model, and some of the problems that it could bring, given the level of fidelity of Star Citizen. The new damage model is not only a huge optimization which will allow the system to perform better, but an incredible visual upgrade as well. Check out the video!

Retaliator – Hangar Ready!

No words. Just Watch.

The Ground War & Star Marine Hands-On

The big news, of course, is the FPS module reveal, which has been given an official name – Star Marine!  Star Marine is created by the in-fiction development company interDimension Software (id Software. Get it?)  It will run along-side Arena Commander inside of the brand new Simpod that’s been installed in your hangar.

Chris showed slides of the initial armor and weapons which will be included at the launch of the module. These items will be able to be used in one of two maps; Gold Horizon Platform and Battleshphere.

Battlesphere brings with it zero-gravity gameplay, and makes use of a number of abilities to push and pull yourself around the environment, including a grappling attachment for your pistol. Backers at the event were able to hop into the Battlesphere to play live against some CIG devs, and good fun was had by all!

CIG had hoped to release Star Marine during PAX East, but their pursuit of perfection is keeping it in the oven for a few more weeks. But by the end of March, players should have the first iteration in their hands.

Looking Forward

Star Citizen 1.1.2, to be released in the April timeframe, will bring with it the social module, allowing players to leave their hangar for the first time to explore Stanton, an ArcCorp planet-side landing zone.  It wasn’t confirmed if you will be able to walk around this area with other players yet, but they’d mentioned that at a previous event, so here’s hoping!

After that, around mid-year, players can look forward to Arena Commander 2.0, which will include the much-awaited multi-crew ships.

Toward the end of the year, the first episode of the Squadron 42 trilogy will launch, closely followed by the pre-alpha Persistent Universe. Players will be able to land and trade and interact in about 5 star systems around the galaxy.


There are some other great spots on the web you can check out what’s happening with Star Citizen at PAX East… here are just a few!


While PAX East may be coming to a close, SXSW will be just gearing up – and that’s where we’ll get a deep reveal of the social module. Fans won’t have to wait long – the SXSW event is next weekend!

Stay tuned to Delta Colony for more Star Citizen coverage during SXSW and other upcoming events!