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Imperium September Report

Fleet Command Report:

Is it CitizenCon yet?

We thought that summed up the month of September for everyone in Imperium. With CitCon only a few days away now, everyone should be jumping on the hype train to see how CIG will crush recent scepticisms. Aside from the glorious revenge coming this weekend, we hope to learn much more about the persistent universe. As a PSA for everyone reading, Star Citizen Base and The Base Radio have an entire weekend devoted to CitCon. It starts Friday Evening when The Base will call in to Imperium’s own Calexus, and Doopsums to see how their travels were and what they have planned for us on Saturday throughout the day. Saturday, Ricko will be hosting the stream on The Base Radio twitch feed and will also be found in SCB/Imperium Teamspeak for general shenanigans and good times while the stream is on-going. Sunday will be the follow up to CitCon with the Round Table Discussion on everything covered on Saturday. Everyone is welcome to attend and we are looking forward to a large gathering.

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