May Reports

Fleet Command Report:

The month of May has been a nice and relaxing month for all of us. Since the release of the manual we’ve been taking a small break from our larger projects.

We couldn’t have wished for a smoother release of the Manual. This has allowed a few of us to spend some time in other games. Portal 2.0 is now nearing the stage where it can replace Portal 1 altogether; this is still a few weeks away but we’re getting closer.

The testimonials we’ve gathered on the forum will be made into a script this week and we’ll hopefully have a nice little radio advertisement on The Base Radio sometime by the end of next week.

Now that we’ve had a nice relaxing month, it’s time to start getting some more things going! We’ll be looking into starting up some new projects or at least finish a bunch of old ones and make sure that everything keeps going the way it’s going.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the reports and we are looking forward to another exiting month ahead!

Military Report:

Hello everyone, here’s the Military Report for this month.

The most import event was probably our Military TS meeting, thank you to everyone who attended and helped to make it such a success (so successful that nobody had any questions left for the fleet meeting afterwards).

You can find the recording of the meeting here:…iew?usp=sharing

Thanks @Rellim for the recording + the upload

In the meeting we mainly talked about the new Imperium Manual and answered the questions of the members about the new Missions Creations System and the plan of the Academy.

We’ll be planning more meetings like this in the future.

If you have any questions or ideas in regards to the Military feel free to contact any Officer or Specialist.

Best Regards,

The Military Officers


Trade and Industry Report:

And here we say goodbye to May and hello Imperium members.

This month we’ve seen more sunlight, another ship sale and lots of leaks, but nothing about the economy leaked and so we’re still patiently waiting for infos. However if you’re a subscriber you can read about the economy board game in the latest Jump Point. It may be an interesting read, but unfortunately it’s now inaccurate and long outdated, but this means the economy will be huge.

Though Tony Zurovek has finished the first draft of the Universe Simulator, recently known as the economics simulator. This might mean that a future design document will give us some more info.

Also, this month our specialists started work on a project to compile and index economic data. They will be analyzing past material released by CIG, to identify and source economic info. This should help prepare us to better analyze economic data in the future and provide us with a clearer view of the economy as a whole.

So while we’re waiting, our efforts continue. There are still things to do, since the Imperium manual has been released last month and until we’ll see the release of the PU.

Until next month,

The T&I team


Exploration Report

Hey Everyone, first off, want to thank everyone for coming to the exploration meeting we had this past month, it was in our opinion a great success. If anyone wants to hear the recording it can be found here (http://forums.starci…-24-200000-utc/)

Remember if anyone has any questions you don’t need to wait for a general meeting, there’s always someone around.

Going forward we are really hopeful about the future of space exploration. Civilization as we know it has been defined by exploration.

You know, we need to go off and find out what’s around the next corner and what’s just beyond what we already know. It’s part of our being; it’s part of our moral fiber to go off and explore. Even with all that has been leaked there hasn’t been as much for Exploration to feed off, even if some of you have seen the leaked map, we believe that it won’t be the final product and most of the information can be found just by looking at a real world star map.  We will continue to create more general missions in preparation for the PU so we have something to go with, after all the less work we have to do once the PU launches the more we can actually play the game!  You can see this and make suggestions here (http://forums.starci…heory-crafting/)

Until next time Keep Calm and Explore on!


Fleet Ops Report

Welcome to the Imperium Operations Division!

Just as a quick summary for those of you who might have missed the big change amongst all the information that was put out last month, the Operations Division is no longer just the “Mission Control” element for all of the (many) capital ships in Imperium, but rather for ALL of Imperium (from small craft, to multi-crew ships, and of course, we’ll still be coordinating Capital Ship movements too).

Given our role as a Mission Control Element, it is particularly important for us to make sure that the Members (and Officers) of Imperium have the best possible sets of tools for Mission Creation integrated into the new Portal. Because of this, we spent a significant amount of time during the month of May working both internally, and with members of the Primary Divisions & Academy, to identify all of the information that will be needed to create a Mission, and what elements will needed to be tracked while a mission is running, in order for Operations to properly manage & coordinate all the missions that we will have going on at the same time. I’d love to tell all of you that we have everything nailed down already, but this process will undoubtedly take a while longer, and could perhaps even need to be revisited once CIG unveils some of the tools that they are planning to build into the game.

Until next month!

The Fleet Operations Staff


Diplomacy Report

The month of May was both busy and quiet for the Diplomacy Division. Our diplomats have been hard at work maintaining our relationships with our partner organizations, as well as expanding our relationships with new organizations. Since the roll-out of the new Imperium manual and structure, this has involved informing our allies of the changes, as well as the new direction that we’re taking Imperium.  It has also provided us with a great opportunity to expand the SCB registrations as these organizations have found our new member card system quite appealing.  We will be continuing forward with our agreements and as we find it necessary, we may inform Imperium of certain agreements we have made in addition to PACT.

As always, thank you everyone for your attention and feel free to put in an application if you feel you have the right stuff to be a diplomat!


Academy Report

Another month has flown by, and another monthly report is demanded by the hungry masses. Each of our specialists is hard at work completing the first round of courses. Some are further along in their development than others but while some rely on further in game assets and stabilisation, some are almost ready for release.

The courses currently in development for the first wave include:

Imperium Service Manual (now wiki)

This is going to be a resource that allows everyone to quickly check and access various information in one cohesive form. By creating an easily searched and understood reference for all the rules, descriptions and material produced for Imperium and SCB. While this is under the heading of an Academy project I’ve always believed in giving credit where it’s due and it should be noted that it’s being headed up by Valenquo of Exploration. This kind of cross divisional work is an important facet of the Specialist system and as much as we’re tapping into other Divisional experience and skills, Academies are also available to the other Divisions.


TeamSpeak guide

This is a basic guide to some of the functionality of TeamSpeak. Intended to get a new user familiar with some of the features designed to make larger clans/Organizations able to play together in more cohesive ways. It will allow people to use cross-channel communication as well as some other more “advanced” features in order to allow people to play as part of their group, but be able to communicate to others should the need arise. This is being completed in co-operation with Operations at their request.


HR/TS Mod Course

This is going to be a quick introduction to the roles/responsibilities of the TS Mods that you might have seen floating around on teamspeak sporting their sassy orange lightning bolts. This will not only provide them with the information they need in a quick but easily understood format, but help to assess them so we know if there is any area that needs clarification. As well, this will be a handy reference which will allow them to quickly check the HR sanctioned methods of dealing with any problems they may come across. This is naturally being developed in co-operation with HR, at the request of HR.


Mission Creation Course

Still in development, this system will eventually require a guide to allow everyone to easily and quickly grasp the full functionality of these systems. Both the Member Card and the Mission System work hand in hand together to provide Imperium with a system that places us head and shoulders above every other Org out there so far, so it makes sense that it should be utilised as fully as possible. This course is being developed in coordination with Technology, at the request of Fleet Command and will also be assisted by each of the other Divisions.


Voice Procedure (basic)

This segment will provide a basic level of communication universal to everyone working to fulfill Imperium official missions.

As far as VP goes I feel I need to put a few concerns to bed. It has been voiced to me that people don’t want to use restrictive rules to communicate with their friends while out running missions. And I agree. Something like that would be intrusive, overly controlling and unnecessary. The intention here is not to treat you all as automatons, but to ensure that everyone has a basic, universal, easily understood system for when you’re playing, for example, in “dynamic” squadrons. In order to minimise any confusion that might be generated in intensive situations, 3 rules are listed at the beginning for the use of official VP: When something unexpected happens, such as an ambush. During particularly stressful periods, when there’s a risk again of confusion and that negatively impacting your efforts. And finally when your Unit Leader dictates that you should use VP. This third instance may be purely for training purposes, to make sure that your skills are still up to scratch, or it may be because he’s communicating outside of the channel and wants to minimise distraction. In whichever case, you play the way you want to play.

I’d also like to thank Technology for their great work on integrating the new system which Academy will be using in the future into the Portal. They’ve been working relentlessly for the entire year so far and they aren’t showing any signs of stopping. I know it has been said a lot, but it’s worth saying. A big Thank You to those guys.

If there’s any interest in an Academy Q&A session just let us know. However we’re always happy to help answer any questions raised at the other Divisional meetings so far and that’s certainly not going to change.

And finally just in case anyone from RSI is reading this Release Star Marine already!


Intelligence Report

April showers bring may flowers right?

It was a busy April for everyone and as we come to the end of May we are enjoying the bloom of the new system that we’ve planted as a fleet in April. Due to the scale of the work associated with producing the Imperium Manual the fleet has had a myriad of other tasks placed on the back burner. One of them, surprisingly, has been recruitment. With a fleet as large as our own, one has to factor in many different expectations regarding, player counts, influxes, lulls…etc.

If you are interested in reading a boring page of statistics regarding member statistics of multiple different organizations you can click here.

If you forced yourself to read that you would notice that Imperium has the largest ‘Actual’ member count. This means that affiliates are not added to the number. That is definitely something we are proud of. Many of the organization listed with us have boosted their way to reach those numbers by abusing the RSI API and recruitment functions (i.e. mass inviting). We are proud to say that Imperium has never and will never use any such methods to recruit players.

This, however, doesn’t change the issues that currently plague the Organizational features that CIG has implemented. To keep ahead of orgs that abuse these functions, Imperium has used propaganda posters highlighting our goals and a thriving community to convince the best players to join our cause. Quality over quantity is what matters most to us.

How can you do your part to keep Imperium as the #1 destination for new recruits or newly informed veterans of Star Citizen?

  1. Bump our RSI Recruitment Thread with any media you find in our media thread.
  2. Tell your friends about us.
  3. If you have any technical or artistic skills please contact either of our fleet Tech or Media Officers

This recruitment update has been brought to you by the IIS. See you next month. We’ll be watching.


Human Resources Report

Well it’s that time of the month again, time for another wonderful HR report.

Firstly, one of the primary jobs HR is tasked with is moderation of TeamSpeak and the forums. While we like to think we can be there all the time on TS, we naturally can’t. You may have noticed an increase of presence and moderation from our fantastic helpers: TS mods. Not only are we expanding the program again, we are also setting forward more stringent guidelines when it comes to the application of moderation. This is all in an effort to promote consistency and fairness in the moderation of our members.

Secondly, you may have noticed that some channels on TeamSpeak have [PTT] next to them now. In the past we have had issues with people continuously talking over one another, so in an effort to reduce these occurrences we have enabled forced push-to-talk in those channels. What this means for you, is that if you utilise voice activation you will need to turn on the push-to-talk option in your settings otherwise the channel will not let you join. So far we feel that it is working quite well at reducing people talking over one another, but as always any feedback would be appreciated.

Finally, as some of you may have noticed already we have the big fleet Q&A session coming up on June 6 at 22:00 UTC. This is an opportunity for our members to ask questions of Imperium’s leadership and get answers to the best of our ability. The session will be ran by HR and the channel will be restricted for talking (people will need to request talk power) so that we can control the channel easily and maintain the one voice aspects. We look forward to seeing as many people there as we can.

And here we go, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. As announced last month, we are launching a new MVP (Most Valuable Post) program, akin to what CIG ran at one point. This time we have our inaugural winner, PROSEV.

Prosev created some posts that were nominated by fellow SCB users, which were great at stimulating discussion and promoting a healthy forum atmosphere. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future! Links to the posts can be found here and here.

If you see any posts in the verse (or on our forums) that you feel deserve recognition be sure to nominate them!

As always, our doors are open. Don´t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know of any issues/concerns you may have.

Signing off for now,

HR Team


Technology Report

The month of May saw the release of the refitted Unit system onto Portal 2 as well as more tools to allow members to further define their roles and interests within Imperium. Specifically Fleet Requisitions and Capital Crewing – although these systems still need to be completed.

While the release of Units was a ‘soft release’, we have already seen a respectable level of usage and, apart from a few technical issues, all has gone smoothly. Although there is still more work to be done to polish up both the Units and Member modules.

Moving into June we hope to begin fleshing out various Administrative systems such as the HR module and a basic framework of the Mission Manager (also called the ‘Jobs board’) on Portal2.

We are also in the process of evaluating the skills of a potential candidate and we hope for him to become a new junior Tech member by the end of next month (pending further evaluation), which will increase the speed at which we can develop and release new content and features onto Portal2.

Tech Division.


Fleet Media Report

The month of May in Media Team was quite busy and eventful. The most important news is that our Media recruits, @Irres and @Shootter, are well on track to become a full members of the division, contributing with assets like signatures, banners and other important stuff. They also provide a valuable feedback where needed, so their Media Team tag is just a formality now. Thank you guys, you should have the full access in a few days.

For those who haven´t seen how they got in, here is the reminder.

The new recruits also brought some new life into our dusty halls. We held a Media meeting, where we officially welcomed the recruits, gave them a short briefing about our system of work and answered some questions. Off course, they need some time to adapt, but they are doing really well. Some other conclusions from the meeting: We decided to get back and revive some of our older projects and also start a new ones, so we hope there is a lot of sweet purple stuff coming out in the near future.

Another pleasant conclusion of the Media and Officer meeting afterwards, is that we decided to honor the great contribution of one of our most dedicated and loyal Media members, @Buckaroo. The Command and officer staff officially acknowledged him with our most honorable forums award, the famous Exemplary Member status. He deserved it for all his tireless effort in Signatures section, where he helped a lot of us with shiny new signatures, sometimes really special pieces, like his incredible animated ones. He is also a very valuable member of the division and fleet, for his contribution in constructive feedback and general helpful attitude. So for that, we are all really proud of him and really happy to have him with us. Thank you brother, well deserved and keep us proud.

For the official announcement, see the thread here.

Thank you for your support and feedback, see you in June.

Media Team – Purple power!