July Reports

Fleet Command Report:

It’s that time of the month again, and the Imperium Fleet Commanders have sat back, drawn straws, and it’s now Chimaera’s turn to write the report!  In the interest of making sure that all of you don’t end up falling asleep, or having your eyes glaze over from boredom, this report will attempt to be brief.  So without further ado, here we go!

Item One: Valenquo is now an Exploration Officer, make sure he gets a warm welcome in TS and on the boards! (FYI this also means that there’s an opening for an Exploration Specialist, so keep a look-out for a post on that!)

Item Two: HR Section module for Portal 2.0 is up and running! New members will now be able to use the new portal system to take their exams and enter into the fleet. AWESOMESAUCE!

Item Three: New project for System Cards has started development. Look for more info in the next monthly report!

Item Four: GAMESCOM!!!!! We have quite a few Imperium members who are going to the convention and will be participating in events, hooking up to chat and hang out and, in general, cause mayhem. If you’re a member planning on heading to Gamescom and would like to meet up with Imperium members, please feel free to message Core, Draegar, Warwulf, Ryofar, CyberianK or Valenquo for details.

There we go folks! Short and sweet from Fleet Command, so feel free to scroll down and read the rest of the report… enjoy!

Military Report:


This month’s report is going to short and sweet, but never fear, we are still hard at work building the foundation for future Imperium Military operations. Development continues on the mission system, that will be found in the new release of the portal. This system will form the backbone of our operations moving forward. We continue to strive to identify sections of our structure that could be improved, and collaborate with our fellow staff to see that those needs are met.

We, along with our sister divisions, also continue to hold Imperium game nights in an effort to foster teamwork, and help all of us within Imperium to get to know one another better. I invite everyone to join in. If you have never joined us on Teamspeak, I highly urge you to do so. You will meet a lot of awesome people.

Trade and Industry Report:

Hello again,

It’s the end of July and thus here’s your monthly dose of Imperium’s T&I division, safely produced in our facilities.

This month there’s been an interesting discussion about taxes. Of course it has been discussed for a long time and most likely will be discussed for another while, but it’s always good to read the ideas and feedback regarding taxes for our organization. Additionally sometimes it sparks an idea for more potential revenue streams.

Regarding money flow, Chris Roberts answered a question about banking in the latest episode (#61) of 10 FtC. Player to player transfer of UEC will be limited and you won’t get your items immediately. While the system is still in the works, it apparently has a similarity to real world examples.

The projects we mentioned in last month’s report are still in the works, although one has been delayed due to some other issues. Additionally we’ve started work on two more projects. We can’t disclose any details yet, because we just started work this week, but also because all of these projects are mid-term (or longer) projects and won’t finished for some time.

So that’s it for this month. Thanks for reading!


Exploration Report

This month’s big news for Exploration is Valenquo’s appointment to Exploration Officer! We are expecting more activity in the weeks to come after the Gamescom announcement and all the new systems and game modes coming out in the following weeks, therefore it was time for CC-Corp to get someone to help him running all things exploration in Imperium.

With this new addition, we can also assure a better spread of exploration representatives across all time zones, with Valenquo and Stefmarster living in Europe, and CC-Corp and Albuss living in America. Meaning that members should always have access to an exploration officer or specialist on the forums or TeamSpeak.

We are looking forward to the new game mechanics coming out in August\September, with a large map to test out long-range sensors, multi-crew ship cooperation, Search and Rescue tactics both in the FPS and in space, and hopefully more to come.

On the side, CC-Corp is still promoting the Imperium Game Initiative with a couple of other members and has also run a contest for an Imperium recruitment poster this past month, and we have gotten quite a few submissions, though we are still looking for a few more before closing the contest down, so CC-Corp has decided to extend the contest for one more week!! Submit yours today!

Stefmarster got the new Wargaming clan going for Imperium for fans of World of Warplanes\Warships\Tanks.

Albuss you can usually find on TeamSpeak, not only having a good time, but also making sure people are behaving (aka. moderating).

Valenquo has been working on the new Imperium Wiki, which for now only has the Imperium Manual on it, but should become a much more powerful asset for Imperium and its members in the months to come!
Fleet Ops Report

Greetings Imperium,

As summer continues, the Operations Division has continued to work hard, despite the occasional summer absence.

During the month of July, Operations was hard at work preparing the Operations section of the Imperium Wiki, writing up the Mission System Overview for the Imperium Manual, and coordinating with Fleet Command, as well as representatives of the Primary Divisions, Academy, and (especially) Tech Division.

This month’s meetings and design work were (mostly) focused around writing an overview of the Mission System, identifying common elements that would be required for all mission and division types, identifying & mapping the expected workflow process of the Mission System, and identifying additional elements that will need to tie into the Mission System (including The Certification System, System Cards, Spot Report System, and the After Action Review System).  However, the most important aspect of all these meetings, involved brainstorming ways to keep every one of these systems as simple and quick to use as possible.  Why is ease-of-use so important?  Our focus here is actually one of the simpler Operations goals to explain.  Simply put, our focus on ease-of-use is driven by practical reasons, because while the Mission System may be an important feature for Imperium in the upcoming Persistent Universe (PU), we feel that it will be critical to make sure that using the Mission System is as quick and painless as humanly possible, so that it doesn’t distract from your enjoyment of Star Citizen (with the added side-benefit that easier systems are more likely to be used by everyone).

Look for more posts in the Operations section of the forums in the upcoming months sharing our overview for the Missions System, as well as opening up discussion of other various systems.

Until next month, fly safe!

Imperium Operations Staff
Diplomacy Report

Happy Summer, Imperium members!

The Diplomacy Division has, along with the rest of you, been enjoying the holidays and relatively relaxed atmosphere in the Star Citizen community… at least when it comes to inter-org drama. This month has seen the Diplomacy Division taking something of a well deserved break after several months of hard work.  However, this doesn’t mean that we have been completely relaxed.

I am pleased to announce that, barring unforeseen technical issues, members of Imperium will begin to see some of the fruits of our work with other organizations. Portal 2.0 will begin to feature a section where Imperium members will be able to view organizations that we have come to binding agreements with, along with very basic explanations of the benefits and entitlements that the agreements give both organizations. While a large number of our agreements will still remain confidential, those agreements that can be made public will be made so.

We would like to thank Kraan Rastaban and Isnoth for their tireless help with the Diplomacy side of the portal, and we look forward to seeing our members becoming more informed on Imperium’s state of influence in the overall Star Citizen community.


Academy Report

Another month has passed and with that comes another monthly report updating you on what’s going on in Academy.

This month we’re going to concentrate on the newly re-branded SCB Wiki.

Many Specialists and Officers have worked together in order to implement this new wiki. One of the projects of Academy is to take the existing information and centralise it in one place, making it easy to find and gather any information that is relevant to you.

So whether you’re signing up to Teamspeak for the first time, finding out more information about the upcoming Mission system or just want to know more about Academy Certifications, you’ll be able to find all of this information in one place and get to grips with anything that may have confused you in the past.

There’s also the possibility of expanding the wiki to include factual information further down the line. This could take the form of hard statistics for your favourite weapons or learning more about Star Systems that you’re hoping to visit. The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations, the hard facts, and whether it can be conveyed with a wiki ;)

At this time only Specialists and above can edit the wiki and doing so requires a login. This was intentional as the data that’s on there is something that we want to monitor closely for the time being, and at the time that I’ve written this continues to be the plan in the future. This is to prevent corruption of the facts in order to confuse members.

In the meantime you can get to know your new SCB Wiki and if you have any suggestions for expansion or want to contribute then feel free to create a new topic in Academy Suggestions on the forums.

Many thanks to Exploration Officer Valenquo for taking the lead on the Wiki project. Great work pal.

Some of you may be going to GamesCom in Köln, WarWulf from Academy will be attending along with many other Imperium Officers, Specialists and Members. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Intelligence Report

The month of July brings us 31 days closer to announcing a new Officer. Keep on the lookout for that announcement SOON™.

Along with the new promotion will be a new intake of potential agents. If our FAQ piques your interest, then please submit your notice of interest and apply for membership.

Aside from recruitment, Intel has been spending much time in contact with our Tech team. Account security is a high priority for us and we are striving to come up with the best solutions for the Portal. As potentially hundreds of missions could be issued per day, keeping the portal a secure place for everyone is in our best interests. If you feel you have something to offer to this project please contact any Imperium Staff and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.


Human Resources Report

Hello everyone! Good to have you here with us and here’s this month’s report from Human Resources.

After the forum update and the “death” of the old portal last month, we are very happy that Kraan Rastaban and his tech team have been able to get the HR part of Portal 2.0 up and running in record time. And they haven’t just restored the functionality of the old portal, they even added new exciting functionality for our behind-the-scenes work and also implemented a ticket/support system. This is an additional way for you to reach us when you need support, help or want to let us know about anything. You can still reach us through PMs or on TS of course, whatever you prefer.

We can not praise Kraan and Imperium Technology enough for their hard work and for getting this part of the portal ready as fast as they did!

Apart from the good news that tech had in store for us this month, it has also been a month where HR had to make a few hard decisions. As you know, we are responsible for enforcing Imperiums CoC, the TS and forum rules and have to think about what’s best for the fleet and the overall community rather than what we personally would wish for or would like to happen. But we take the time that is necessary and never make our decisions lightly so we can find the best solution for Imperium and our community. Sometimes there is unfortunately no other way than to let go even a long term member of our community and Imperium. We still hope to maybe see him back at one point in the future.

We also had to say goodbye to ErickPasta (Pasta) as a member of HR this month and thank him for all his dedicated work and contributions during his long stay in our division.

Another thing that was brought to our attention in July that we are currently looking to fix, is the atmosphere in some channels on our TS. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that especially the general lobby, being the entryway to Imperium and our community is a special place on TS. Possible new members, recruits or friends and visitors from other organisations usually make the first contact with our organisation in this channel, get their first impression of us and should therefore be welcomed and treated with respect and kindness, as you would treat your fellow fleet members. That is the reason why the general lobby has the most restrictive rules on TS and the TS-moderators are advised to enforce these rules more strictly in the future. Please keep that in mind when you are talking in the general lobby and also rule 1 of our CoC: “Don´t be a dick!”

Before we can finish this report, there is still one more thing to announce! This months MVP!

Congratulations to TheOnly for being our SCB MVP in July!

Be sure to check out his very well written post in the Fleet Taxation thread. Thank you TheOnly for your great contributions to SCB and we are looking forward to see more from you and everyone else in the future.

Remember: if you see a post from someone that you believe is worthy of getting MVP, be sure to nominate it right away!

As usual stay classy everyone and see you next month!


Technology Report

Tech Division continues to be busy with the development of Portal 2 and continues to be negatively affected by lack of sleep, bad pay and unsanitary working conditions.

This month saw the release of the HR module (primarily the recruitment section) – much to the relief of HR personnel as since the death of Portal 1 they had been forced to process recruits by hand.

A new permissions system was also deployed this month which, if all went smoothly, no-one should have noticed the change – except for members with elevated permissions such as HR/Diplomacy personnel or Officers. This system allows for permissions to be automatically given or revoked by Portal 2 based on a member’s primary and secondary forum groups. This system will likely be expanded on when work on the Mission Board and other cross-organisational modules come online.

Tech Division also gained, although at time not writing not yet officially, a new member; Tisi, who did much of the work on HR.

Over the next month we expect work on The Fleet Academy Project to being as well as additional prerequisite features for the Mission Board to be completed.


Fleet Media Report

Hey Fleetmates, how´s everybody under The Sun?

After another month in Imperium, Media Team is here to report.

This month the report will be a bit shorter than usual. Some working commitments and summer vacations have made the progress in all Media projects considerably slower, so we don´t have a lot of interesting stuff to share with you. Apart from usual stuff like making signatures and occasional personal requests, there wasn´t much going on this time.

The sigmakers weren´t as busy as they usually are, even the number of requests have dropped. But even though the demand is low, the few requests we had has been taken care of with the commitment we all know and rely on. Thanks to all sigmakers lead by our hero Buckaroo. Keep the lights on guys, purple awesomeness will rise again, we know it!

As always, don´t hesitate to contact any of our active Media Team members. If you have any questions, requests or want to help, we are here for you.

If you want to see what we are about, check our public showcase here! If you are interested to join our ranks, see our recruitment thread here! (challenge is still active even though the main competition is finished)

And again, we appreciate all the support and feedback from all of you, the great community of SCB!

Media Team – Purple Power!