January Reports

Greetings Imperium!  Here is January’s report.

Fleet Operations Monthly Report – Jan 2015

Throughout January, the Fleet Operations division has continued to work diligently on the complicated process of organizing and manning the fleet’s capital ships. To this end, the team has been working with the tech division to further integrate fleet ops into Portal 2.0. We have also met with members of Fleet Command and all primary divisions, as well as several of the specialty divisions, to begin work on a priority assignment system to help in coordinating fleet actions.

It will be crucial that all fleet members have a clear understanding of Imperium’s current status in the persistent universe. We’ve been working on developing and defining a Defense Condition (DEFCON) system for the fleet for use in determining overall fleet priorities – especially capital ship assignments – based on current conditions.

During this month we continued to work with all primary divisions to refine our priorities, including attending the Exploration Division meeting to discuss how Fleet Ops can coordinate with Exploration, and the role of capital ships in support of deep space exploration missions.

In the future, Fleet Ops will continue to work with other divisions to define mission priorities, as well as the previously mentioned Portal 2.0 integration. As CIG reveals more information on the design and function of capital ships, and Arena Commander 2.0 approaches, we would like to work with the Fleet Academy to develop basic learning courses for those who will be serving as crew aboard Imperium capital ships.

Finally, Fleet Operations will begin to expand in the future, adding members as needed. Stay tuned for more information about how and when to apply.


Exploration Division Monthly Report

With the start of 2015 underway, the exploration division continues to evolve and become something we hope everyone will be excited for and inspired by.  During this month we worked on finishing touches of Squadrons 2.1, which I hope you all get a chance to see and give feedback on soon.

Following the momentum of Squadrons 2.1 we will be starting the construction of wings to complement the changes you will see in the new squadron system. From the exploration side of things, this will be us looking at ways to bring the exploration squadrons we have currently, as well as future squadrons yet to be created, closer together by bringing more options for communication and ways to improve the exploration division.

The next step is to continue working on specialized Corps for exploration, which will still be a long way from being completed but is looking good in its preliminary stages. As some of you have seen a few sneak peeks at the exploration meeting, I’m looking forward to getting feedback from everyone as we get closer to its implementation.

One final note on the general division meeting that was held: we had a great turnout and got lots of feedback, which is great, and we are hoping to hold another meeting or maybe a theorycrafting session sometime in the near future – or if someone feels up for a challenge they are more then welcome to host their own.

Until next time, Keep Calm and Explore On.


Combat Ops report:

Nothing happened.

Ok, ok… some things did happen, but mostly in the background. The Combat Ops officers have pushed several projects in the last few weeks. Firstly, we will soon have a reporting system for squadrons, nothing complicated but it should help to improve communication between the officers and the squadrons. Secondly, we pushed Squadrons 2.1 along – which will hopefully go live soon. (or maybe it will be live even before this reports goes public). The most important point of Squadrons 2.1 will be that it will bring us Wings… finally… probably… at least I hope so… the feedback we’ve gotten so far is mostly positive. We also scrapped some rules that existed because of… reasons… which will make things a bit more straight forward (like a rule about wings and timezones – because it was just unrealistic). For more details see the announcement concerning Squadrons 2.1 – and tell us what you think about it.

If you have any questions regarding Combat Ops feel free to ask us at any time – and if you have any ideas on what we could do or do better then feel free to share them.

Best Regards,

Naros, Nazerath, Reavern.


HR Monthly Report

Greetings Citizens, I guess it’s that time of the month.

HR has had a fairly quiet January, with some members on holidays and others busy with exams. While we have been in and out, we have still been working. We’ve done our usual job of processing recruits, as well as keeping an eye on problems and resolving them. So rather than leave a blank report (as a lot of what we do remains confidential), we decided that every now and then we’d do a piece on how HR handles a particular event, decision, or operation of the fleet. This month we thought we’d report on how we process a recruit, and provide a general rundown of the steps involved. We know that some of you have gone through these steps, but as they have gone through a number of changes and modifications it seems appropriate to discuss this process in a little more detail from the HR perspective, so here we go.

First off, a user applies to the organisation through the RSI website, including their name on SCB within the application message. In the portal we fill in this information (RSI Monicker, RSI Handle, SCB Name) and create a new recruit. Thanks to the great work of the technology division, we no longer have to manually assign member groups – The portal does all that for us. By clicking submit, the user is then granted recruit status to the forums and we accept the RSI app (setting to recruit rank). From that point it is up to the recruit to read all of the information we swarm you with. After following and completing all the steps, the recruit would then attempt the exam. The exam is not intended to be a daunting roadblock, but rather a check in to ensure that the recruit has read and agreed to all of the information in the recruits section. It is not meant to test if you are a genius, or if you will give me all your spaceships.

Following completion of the exam, one of two things will happen, in most cases. The first case is that the answers you gave match 100% with the answers we expect. In this case, all of your permission groups will be automatically assigned by the portal, and you will have full fleet member access. The second case is that one or more answers given did not match the solutions. In this case, a member of HR will have to manually review what you got incorrect and whether or not it is passable or deemed an instant failure (missing something like “Does Imperium allow piracy” would be an instant fail). If the HR member approves the submission, the permissions will be done as per the 100% correct. In the case of a failure, the member will contact you asking for you to take the exam again. Once you have full fleet member access on the forums, a HR member will set you to fleet member status on RSI as soon as they can.

All in all, this process is working fairly well for now, and we look forward to refining it further in the future with the help of the fantastic Tech people with Portal 2.0 and beyond. If you have any errors or issues to report, don’t be afraid to drop a PM to any of the HR members. A list of these people can be found here.

HR is always looking for members (particularly from the Americas and Asia/Pacific time-zones). If you meet the requirements here, follow the instructions and drop a PM to the HR Officers. We don’t bite, I swear.

See you in the verse,

Human Resources Team


Diplomacy Monthly Report – Jan 2015

The biggest news to come out of the Diplomacy division during January was the promotion of Juntau to Diplomacy Officer. Juntau covers the US – North America region and has been an instrumental component of Imperium’s Diplomatic efforts. Click here to read the official announcement.

Imperium’s diplomats have continued to work closely with other organizations to develop relationships that will help to define our presence in Star Citizen. To date we have working relationships with more than twenty organizational contacts, and we continue to work to build strong ties with them. As part of this effort, cross-organization game nights are are being developed: we have already had players from other organizations jump over and play with Imperium members on an informal basis over the few weeks, and we will be increasing those efforts in the coming months.

Like the Intelligence division, much of what Diplomacy does on a day to day basis takes place behind the scenes, but rest assured that its members are working hard to build and maintain the relationships that will help to keep Imperium on a strong diplomatic footing in the future.


T&I Report

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Another month has passed by, and despite the fact that it’s still some time until we’ll see the persistent universe, we’re getting closer. PAX South brought us new information and eye candy. Unfortunately there’s still not much solid information for T&I yet. Along with the new year’s summit that CIG had this month, this is the reason we didn’t see the design posts that we should get instead of new stretch goals. We’re hoping to see them very soon.

Nevertheless we’ve kept working to keep everything up and running. We don’t have any big reveals yet, because this month has mostly seen background work. We’ve been working along with Fleet Operations and the other divisions on a priority system. If you’d like to know more, see the Fleet Ops report.

Also the squadron system has been given another revision. The biggest change is, that now T&I squadrons have a member limit of 33, too. This happened to streamline the squadrons across the divisions. As a benefit these squads can also join wings now, as requested by members. If you want to form or join a wing please get in touch with us.

Furthermore, as mentioned in our letter last month, we are working on transforming the former subdivisions into corps. Speaking of corps, if you have an idea, that you think might fit as a corps, don’t hesitate to post it on the forums. We’re always happy to see new ideas and the dedicated members posting them.

Live long and prosper,

The T&I Officers @Nameless and @CyberianK


Academy Report

January. The time of hangovers and sour bank balances.

This has been a fairly quiet month for Academy as I’m sure it has for all of you. I’ve personally been joining a few of you on H1Z1 and taken some notice of things like how we work together. I’m hoping this helps in producing further academy courses.

As far as Academy goes we’ve managed to complete a few documents ready for release but need a place for people to access them. Something permanent is in the works but we’re working on getting something set up for the time being.

So rather than fill you in on technical details on things half completed I’d rather explain to you something about the Academy process. Something we’re calling the Academy Training Cycle.

This starts with identifying a need. This can come from within Academy, from the Officers or Squadron Leaders, or just from the people “on the ground”. This is known as “Analysis of the Training Requirement”.

From this point we move onto the next section, “Training Design and Development”. This is a complicated way of saying “putting the course together”. This is done by taking information from the people who do it best, which is probably the guys doing it everyday, you guys, and then turning it into something that everyone can understand. Finding the best practice and then breaking it down into something that can be delivered to everyone.

The next part is “Training Delivery”. This is getting the information out there and into the hands of the people who need/want it. This is done at a squadron level by a Squadron appointed Instructor, someone who knows you all much better than we do and can take the training payload and deliver it to you guys in the way he deems most suitable for you all. This means that if you prefer a militaristic kind of training he can provide that, but if you’re more receptive to “on the job” training he would know to tailor it to your needs. Work with your instructors and they’ll be able to work better for you guys.

Once this information has been delivered it’s out in the real world. It may come across new problems that haven’t been previously experienced, or the game may change some of its mechanics. This is why we call this section “Real Experience”. This experience is how Subject Matter Experts are created and how the best methods of operating are created. If you find better ways of operating, test and prove it to your squadron/division level seniors and they’ll highlight it to us. Which brings us neatly back to “Analysis of the Training Requirement”.

As you can see, this will not be a static system. Things will change over time and we all need to be adaptable and robust enough to adapt to those changes. Although this system has yet to be proven in Imperium it has been based upon real life training experience. Work with your seniors by identifying what you would like training on, and supplying your expertise where available and we can all work together to ensure that Imperium is not just a powerhouse in numbers, but each individual is a powerhouse by himself.


Fleet Command Report

Welcome fellow Imperium members to first chapter of the FC report for 2015. Here are just a few things that we’ve done and what we are going to try and accomplish in the coming year. We will try to cover different topics each month.

We have all worked hard at the end of last year (and a little bit into this one) to get the new website live but we aren’t stopping there. There are still a lot of things we can improve on to make the website better. This will be an ongoing process that will hopefully result in an amazing airtight system in design and functionality by the time of release. Some more changes in this regard will include a clearer separation between SCB and Imperium in terms of branding. They have unfortunately started to blur a little bit and we’d like to restore some contrast between the 2.

Now that the game nights are a bi-weekly thing with several members showing up to play and mix it up, and with the upcoming inter-fleet game nights at some point in the future it was decided that no matter where you wear your Imperium tag, you will adhere to the CoC. Including every other game. You are free not to wear an Imperium tag and play the game however you like but if you choose to wear an Imperium tag, you will adhere to CoC (extended) that applies to all games.

Lastly we’d like to take the time to announce a new position in Imperium that hasn’t been announced: Press Secretary. For the foreseeable future this role will be carried out by Zhane. The role of press secretary will be to post announcements and  be the editor of the monthly letter!


Technology Report

Dear Imperiumers,

The technology division has been hard at work this last month putting some more tools and touches on portal 2.0. Our very own bugsmashers team, consisting of Isnoth and Kraan Rastaban, has been cranking out the fixes for issues, queries and concerns raised by the testing group on the portal. While it has been a lot of hard work, and at times persistence and nitpicking (such is the nature of development), the portal is taking more and more steps towards a releasable state.

In addition to the bugfixes, we are slowly going through the process of changing some of the styles of the new portal in order to reflect the new design of the SCB page, as well as the direction that the leadership group wishes for the portal to go. These areas include things such as background, font, and general aesthetic changes to further match the branding. I must say in my honest opinion, that it looks fantastic and I can’t wait until we get a version we can release to everyone. I think you’ll love it!

Now coding isn’t for everyone, and while it is unpaid and quite a bit of work the tech team is always looking out for users to help us out with development. If you have experience in PHP, SQL, and Javascript and wish to contribute to the group, please drop me a PM and we can progress from there.



Intelligence Report

Dear members of Imperium,

So far it’s been a great new month to start off a great 2015 year. [REDACTED] has been [REDACTED] in our [REDACTED] chamber for some time now but they have finally delivered what we’ve been asking them so nicely for. Efforts to [REDACTED] the cell of [REDACTED] members has been much more effective than we could have expected.

We would also like to take this months report to genuinely thank all the undercover members from other organizations who literally bring a smile to the faces of our division each and every day. It’s really a pleasure to work with you and laugh at your incompetence. Bravo!

In between now and next months report we feel that it could be beneficial to anyone, even those who feel that the meta game isn’t for them, to review a small portion of our extremely serious training manuals to understand what it means to be a part of our division.

So without further ado, we present monthly lesson #1 (January): The Double Agent

For anyone that has further questions about the division, wishes to apply, or wishes to report suspicious activity please click HERE.

Happy January!


Fleet Media Report

Hello Imperium,

Media here for the report on what was going on in January.

Just like for most of citizens, the first month of this new year was a bit quiet for us in Media too. But that doesn´t mean we were completely silent. Mostly, it was business as usual. Our Signature service, personally driven by our dedicated sigmaker Buckaroo, was working on satisfying all demand, so many of our new members have received shiny new signatures, also there were some reworks and updates of the older ones. In total, Media took care of around 20 sig requests.

Now for the more exciting stuff. Speaking of signatures, the new signature overlay project received some love and so we now have another variant for official signature template, some details may change and the overall design will probably evolve, but it´s another option for sigmakers and Fleet members to choose from.

Another exciting prospect, that we were discussing for a long time, also mentioned in Year report, the new recruitment drive is nearly ready to start, so get ready for another creative competition in coming days. A new thread with more detailed information, requirements and assets is being finished as you read this.

The need for a new impulse is pretty obvious, everything is going a bit slower that we would like. The new recruits will be very important for ensuring continuous existence of the division, which is now effectively run by only 2 people.

As for the updates on some other projects and minor features, The development of the new SCB front page, launched in parallel with the Imperium 2014 Year in review is still continuing. The framework for Monthly reports will be optimized further as we go, in cooperation with Command and Tech divisions to ensure the best possible experience. We would like to thank everyone for their great feedback and acknowledgement of our efforts in creating the new front. Expect some updates in design and functionality in the future.

There are also some plans for the redesign of our RSI Org page presentation and RSI forums thread, which have been in shadows for too long.

Guys from The Base radio also like our new SCB website design, so they decided to make The Base more integral part of Starcitizenbase. One of the key goals to achieve that will be the redesign of The Base´s homepage to go more in hand with the new SCB. We should have more info about that next month.

For anyone that is interested in Infographic project, it is still alive, some creative decisions were made and so instead of announcing the new version 2.5, how about 3.0? That should give you some hint of what´s coming. It´s certainly not only about updating the numbers…

All the best for the next month.

Purple power!