While the game is nearing completion over the next 2 years, we would like to build one of the largest groups in the Star Citizen Universe. With a group this large, we will accomplish much in the initial stages of Star Citizen’s release and carve out a place in space just for Imperium.


What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for inspired players to make up all the professions that Star Citizen will offer. As the game draws closer, we will nail down unit officer positions you might be interested in. If you want to pursue it, and you demonstrate motivation, knowledge and skill in your area of expertise, we have responsibility for YOU!


What We Offer:

1. Mutual respect to everyone, member or ally. We will work together with our friends and allies to create an enjoyable experience in the Star Citizen Universe.
2. Community Impact.
3. Space Superiority. Through our established leadership channels and well trained military and mercenary units, we will maintain the highest levels of readiness for combat and ensure secure shipping lanes, making Imperium controlled space the safest place to do business.


Imperium Mission

The Imperium Fleet’s overall goal is to have fun in Star Citizen. However, this does not mean that we will not strive to be one of the best. At launch, Imperium plans to take over an area in fringe(null-sec) space to establish our operations and expand.

A benefit of Imperium’s location will allow us to be one of the richest in the game. We will have access to some of the rarest materials. This will be a trickle down effect, explorers to find the minerals, miners to extract, transports to move, and military to protect.

Our military will be second to none. While we will command massive numbers, we won’t be superior for that fact alone. A training program is in the works and will begin with Alpha.

Our fleet will be a home for any and all pilots that are like minded and drama free. One important aspect we will encourage is open divisions. While everyone will have a primary division, when duty calls, we plan on allowing our members to experience any and all of the game mechanics/specialties.

Members will have access to our private forums which will include the guidance you need for success.

We have already built a great community and that’s the first step!

Apply Today!