Hello All!

It's been another year already...

Leaving the important topics to the great team we have in place, but still wanted to drop in a little something myself.

First off, huge thanks to all of you out there that help support Imperium, whether it's your time, your knowledge, or your donations. All of it is much much appreciated and I wouldn't be able to ever game without all of you :)

Just a few quick reminders and spotlights on a few things that you may have missed in the past.

Yes, we do have one and it's easy to connect, don't be afraid, download and join up. You can setup your permissions here.

We have two groups on here one is for SCB that's public and another for Imperium that you can request an invite to here.

We also have Facebook pages for both SCB and Imperium.

You guessed it, we have a couple of these too for SCB and Imperium.

Join the above channels and get involved! Here is my steam for those of you that don't already have it, add me and lets game!

Lastly, just want to thank all of our staff, it's really come a very long way from the start, from the Sub Commanders, Officers, Specialists, HR, Media, and Tech. Big thanks guys!

Here's to playing PU in 2016,