Imperium September Report

Fleet Command Report:

Is it CitizenCon yet?

We thought that summed up the month of September for everyone in Imperium. With CitCon only a few days away now, everyone should be jumping on the hype train to see how CIG will crush recent scepticisms. Aside from the glorious revenge coming this weekend, we hope to learn much more about the persistent universe. As a PSA for everyone reading, Star Citizen Base and The Base Radio have an entire weekend devoted to CitCon. It starts Friday Evening when The Base will call in to Imperium’s own Calexus, and Doopsums to see how their travels were and what they have planned for us on Saturday throughout the day. Saturday, Ricko will be hosting the stream on The Base Radio twitch feed and will also be found in SCB/Imperium Teamspeak for general shenanigans and good times while the stream is on-going. Sunday will be the follow up to CitCon with the Round Table Discussion on everything covered on Saturday. Everyone is welcome to attend and we are looking forward to a large gathering.

CitCon aside, Imperium FC is working with some very talented individuals on an official recruitment video. More details on that to come later.

Lastly, Imperium will be improving the way we receive applications to join a division as a Specialist or Officer. In the past we have often promoted recruitment drives in a post in the announcements section. We may continue to do that, but to supplement that, our Tech Team is developing a portal page that will vastly improve upon this. We will absolutely keep everyone up to date and when it is ready, you can expect an announcement.

That’s all I can talk about for this month. The rest is [REDACTED].

Military Report:


We are all excited about the release of the Endeavor, but how does that affect us in the Military? Many ways! First, it’s a mobile hospital ship, which our enemies are sure to need. (ha!) The Endeavour will serve many functions, including but not limited to the development of higher-end upgrades for our combat craft, patching up our wounded, and possibly(?) even serve as an early warning platform.  Any forward operating base we set up for Military operations will contain one or more Endeavors, so we should all expect to get to know it very well.

The Endeavor will be a keystone ship in our fleet, but we are still waiting on specific game information from CIG. Even though we are waiting, Imperium’s Military is not sitting idle. We are constantly developing, and refining our structure and best practices. While we don’t know the specifics of how Star Citizen will handle certain elements, we are working with our fellow Imperium members and specialists in the Academy and other divisions to make sure we are as prepared as possible when the persistent universe goes live. Aspects such our Unit system, and best practices for FPS-style combat will be discussed and fine tuned over time, this way he hope to be able to hit the ground running. Individual projects will be announced as they are developed, and we will be looking for your feedback.

Over and out…

Trade and Industry Report:


Walter White

This might be a common quote in Star Citizen in the future with the Endeavour reveal. Replace meth with the 30th century version of course. But let’s not promote illegal drugs here, children might get hurt and we are all peaceful space farmers intending no harm anyway. From a T&I side when I see the Endeavour the first thing I see is basically a small factory. With the existence of the Biodome the production of resources that can be sold for profit is confirmed and there is also the mentioning of drug production although not as solidly confirmed as farming.

With some comments hinting that ownership of nodes at PU release is probably not going to happen but those being introduced at a later stage this might be a way to get around that for those of you who want a space coffee plantation. Of course we don’t know when the Endeavour and all its promised gameplay will be in the game but it surely will be exciting to follow.

After this diversion what did the T&I peoples did this months? Not much T&I related except some concept work. But we are still actively supporting other Fleet Projects that are currently going on and will be revealed soon. Lets hope that with the Shopping release for Social and the refactoring of trade goods CIG is currently doing that we get some more info soon as that original Economy commlink we got from CIG is now over 2 years old.


Exploration Report

Another month has passed for the Exploration division and all we can say is “Next Month”, with more and more small tidbits of information coming from CIG over this past month it looks like we will be getting to see not only large maps but the Star Map itself, so in accordance we have been working towards preparing for this large amount of new information, nothing that we can show just yet, but it is coming.

If you want to join our discussion of the star map and jump point size go here:


Fleet Ops Report

Greetings Imperium,


Welcome to Fall!  Now that the Summer is over, we move into one of the most exciting times of year for all Star Citizen Fans. Sure, GamesCom was exciting at the end of Summer, but in the Fall we have CitizenCon, the Anniversary Sale, and the Holiday Livestream…  so many amazing things, and they’re all right around the corner!

Meanwhile, in Imperium Operations, our job is not only to try to anticipate & respond to the game mechanics that are going to be unveiled, but also to figure out the best & most efficient way to incorporate those mechanics into a team-based framework that will make Imperium an Org that is both successful & fun!  This of course, leads to my next segue… telling you about all the ways that Operations is working to incorporate those mechanics:

In September Operations worked on:

  • In September The Operations staff coordinated with Kraan & Tisi from the Technology Division on the completion and implementation of the Star System Module where, as part of the mission planning process, members will have access to reports on the disposition an activity (including travel advisories) in various Star Systems in the PU.

  • Discussion remains ongoing to find the ideal system to be used to enable Members using the Mission System to be able to file reports about significant findings/events while conducting missions for Imperium.  We have discussed using a format similar to SALUTE or SALT reports, like those used by US (and various NATO/Western) military, but we are also exploring the option for more customized report formats (based  upon the specific type of mission that you are engaged in).  While no final decision has been made yet, it significant to note that the report tool that Tisi has made as part of the Mission System & Star System Module, is robust enough to allow any of these report formats to be adapted and incorporated with relative ease… Thanks Tisi!

  • Coordination with Danredda (who has been assisting the Tech Division) on future updates to the Portal Hangar Module, in terms of the feasibility of tracking role-specific modules for ships (in addition to the ships themselves).

  • TheOnly & Gratch have been coordinating with members of Imperium Academy and members of Imperium Military Division to develop a Communications Course that will be extremely simple and easy for members to grasp at the basic level, but also incorporate more advanced levels of coursework for those who wish to specialize in areas that might have more mission specific communication procedures and terminology (FPS & capital Ship Operations).

Finally, on a somber note, September also saw the departure of one of the officers that helped found the Operations Division.  I am of course, referring to Deltoran, who unfortunately had to step down from his duties as an Operations Officer, in order to focus on RL matters, as he embarks on the coursework for his Master’s Degree.  Fly safe Deltoran, your contributions will be missed, but you’ll always be welcome to come back & hang out on the bridge of Imperium’s Bengal Carrier (coming “Soon!™”) as time, and RL permits.

That’s it for September, but like all of you we’re excited to see what CitizenCon and the rest of the Fall will reveal for Star Citizen.

Stay tuned & fly safe!

Imperium Operations Staff

Diplomacy Report

Greetings Imperium Members!

The Diplomacy Division has been working hard at continuing the relationships begun in the past, while diligently screening and locating potential allies for the future PU. This month saw a bit of a minor hiccup in our own little corner of the pre-game, which has led to a bit of a revamp of the PACT agreement. Members who wish to view the new agreement should be able to find it on the site, but please remember this is a closed-forum site, so attempts to register as Imperium members will not be successful. The OP of our old PACT explanation will be updated soon to reflect the changes.

Now, for something new!

Starting this month, the Diplomacy Division will begin inviting our members to learn more about the organizations that you see on our Diplomacy Portal! We have invited the head diplomats of some of our closest friends to write up little pieces describing their organization, and showcasing a bit of their relationship with Imperium. Our first featured group is one that many of you have seen represented on Teamspeak, posting on the SCB forums, and even maybe have taken a look at the youtube channel of their founder! That’s right, we’re featuring Tactical Advance.

“I stumble through the door, with the weight of a day’s work pulling down upon my body. My family tells of their day at the dinner table, as the television wails of the world’s woes. Finally, the kids are going to bed and the TV is turned off. I move to my study, fire up the old PC, and load into my hangar full of shiny, perfect ships that drive my imagination. I need to escape, if only for a few hours, so I load up Teamspeak and the welcoming voices from friends around the world cut through the negative mood, as the real world dissolves away.” –Tactical Advance Member

Tactical Advance is a vibrant community of Sci-Fi dreamers. We have people interested in all aspects of Star Citizen who are regularly active on our forums and Teamspeak. We have common goals with Imperium to be the best organization living with the laws of the UEE. TA’s active and positive atmosphere have led it to have over 1000 members, and we are recruiting more to go with us on our adventures.

We have found a great ally in Imperium. With our activity levels and size both being quite substantial, we have come to agreements and worked together with Imperium leadership on a number of initiatives. Together we will make each other stronger so we can secure a bigger and more stable sector and influence within the PU. It is here in the Best Damn Space Sim Ever that we hope to do everything we have dreamed of since we became Science Fiction fans.  We look forward to working further with Imperium to build a strong friendship that will make us even more powerful in the PU. -Deathrises Bill, Tactical Advance Diplomacy Director

For the link to TA’s profile on our Portal (which includes links to their RSI page) please click below.

If you’d like to see what their founder’s Youtube Channel looks like, please click below.

Tactical Advance is also a PACT member, and the command groups of Imperium and TA have built a strong relationship over the last year or so. They currently have a Mutual Defense Pact with us, which means that if you’re tootling around in the ‘verse and someone jumps you, if you put out a mayday and TA members are close by, you’ll have some support- or at least a pickup after you eject.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have enjoyed this org feature!

Academy Report

The month of September has given the Academy the chance to really spread it’s wings. With Moodle now integrated with the Portal, we will be able to create courses for Imperium members and upon completion they will register on your portal profile. This will sync up with the mission system as described in the Imperium Manual. It’s a pretty large step and we’re grateful for the hard work the Tech Team has put into it.

That said, the first few courses that we are looking to push are going to be instructional courses for specialist. At the moment,  HR and Diplomacy training programs are being worked on and will soon be a part of standard instruction for all new members of those divisions.

On the more practical side of things, with further adjustments to the flight model coming with the baby PU and chance for us to dig deep into Star Marine within the next few weeks, planing for tactical videos (YES VIDEOS) has commenced and we look forward to the day that we can share some sneak peaks!

Until then, you’ll just have to wait!! (But seriously, if you are interested in taking on additional responsibility and helping the Academy, feel free to contact @Warwulf, who is currently on holiday for CitCon)


Intelligence Report

For the month of September, the Intelligence division has been undergoing a lot of internal infrastructure changes in preparation for portal integration. The Technology team has been working hard on this project and we’re very excited for the tools we’ll have at our disposal.

Once again, if you see something, say something. We offer 100% anonymity with the Suspicious Activity Form. Alternatively, you can reach out to Nip or Ostia directly for any questions/concerns regarding the Intelligence division.

As always, if joining the Intelligence division is something you’d be interested in, please fill out this Notice of Interest.

Human Resources Report

Hello everyone, HR is calling!

The month of September has been a relatively quiet month for Human Resources. Our day to day operations went relatively smooth and we are glad that there weren´t too many conflicts popping up. So thanks everyone for staying civil!

It has come to our attention though that the ability to move people with the friends tag on our Teamspeak has recently been abused by some Imperium members. Please refrain from moving people on TS against their will as this is considered a break of our CoC rule #1: “Don´t be a dick!” and would need to be acted on if it continues to be a problem.

We do have a new addition to our ranks and are very happy to be able to welcome Ricko13 – yes, THE Ricko from the Base Radio – in HR. With him we are going to introduce a new position on StarcitizenBase called “Event Coordinator”. Ricko will focus on organising and coordinating gaming events for all interested members of StarCitizenBase and Imperium.

Mark your calendar because on October 7th the monkeys will be let loose and Ricko will have a first meeting/event on TS. I have heard whispers that there could even be a giveaway, but psssst don´t tell him I let that slip. ;)

So be sure to be on TeamSpeak with your fellow SCB mates on October 7th!

In addition to the Event Coordinator we are also looking for dedicated members interested in filling the new “Recruiter” position. If you want to help Imperium out in this area and think you have what it takes please look at this thread and apply!

And now on to this months MVP:

Congratulations to ErickPasta for winning the SCB MVP in September!

Check out his very well written and in depth post about Elite Dangerous and how to get a good start in that game as well as how to team up with other Imperium mates and friends.

Remember: If you see a post that you believe should be rewarded and get more exposure, be sure to nominate it right away, otherwise it might get missed.

That´s it from HR for this month, stay classy and see you next month!


Technology Report

Greetings Programs

This month we have been working on several major system and some minor systems. The Star System module (as elaborated on in the previous report), the Awards module and the Ops Module. As well as additions to the Permissions system used throughout Portal and various improvements and bug-fixes to several systems.

The Awards module is designed to be an addition to / replacement of the badges used on the forums. Providing a centralised means to award Ribbons and Medals to members as appropriate. The system will allow for current badges like the Donator and Exemplary Member badges to be awarded as well as a variety of others based on specific criteria. The Awards module will also have ties to the mission system – giving Officers (and above) the ability to award those members that have undertaken dangerous missions on behalf of Imperium a unique campaign Ribbon and Medal as recognition of their service.

Currently the permissions a user has on Portal is based solely on their forum Access Permissions. The additions to the Perms system will now allow Officers to explicitly assign permissions to a user, giving or denying access to a specific area of the site without having to add that user the Forum Group associated with that module.

The Ops module is a small system that is designed to allow for the Fleet Info-graphic to be dynamically updated. Previously the info-graphic was updated sparingly and the numbers based upon a ‘best guess’ but now the info-graphic can be updated based on the data held within Portal. Although Imperium will not release the actual number of any ships our members have, nor who owns them, the new info-graphic can now be as accurate as Fleet Ops/Command want it to be. Work on this feature is progressing.

Of-course the accuracy is completely reliant on YOU filling out your hanger accurately. Don’t worry you don’t need to make your ships public, and only the grand total of all the ships is visible on the info-graphic, no personally identifiable information is released.

The Star System, Permissions and Award modules are currently being reviewed before they go live. This is just the first content pass so more features will be added – and bugs squashed as development continues.

In other news we have a new member, Pegasus, who is currently on his internship period and an honorary member, Danredda, who has been helping over the past month.

Additionally, because some of you have been complaining about the new navigation menu released last month – we have reinstated the old sidebar menu that can be used alongside the new top menu. So stop complaining.

End of Line


Fleet Media Report

Greetings Purple followers, Media Team here with the latest from the month of September.

As we are waiting for all the exciting stuff to come to the Verse, Media division is on verge of total reorganization and that should bring more exciting stuff for Imperium as well.

We held a very important meeting where we talked about many current issues and future plans, established some short-time and long-time goals and begin working on first steps to reaching them.

In coming weeks, there is a lot of hard work to do, that includes cleanup in our ranks and internal forums, evaluation of the current state of our projects, establishing priorities and delivering new updates, which are desperately needed.

We are also preparing the new wave of recruitment, stay tuned for details about that later. If you know about members who´ve got not only artistic and creative skills, but are also effective, committed and want to help the Fleet, please send them our way.

As always, we are grateful for all the support and feedback, don´t hesitate to contact any Media Team member or Media Team officer with your questions, requests and suggestions.

There is a lot of greatness coming to Star Citizen by the end of the year. Media Team and Imperium Fleet will be there.

Purple Power!

Media Team