Imperium October Report

Fleet Command Report:

Happy Halloween Imperium!

Fleet Command would like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween, and an even happier end to October. This month saw us experiencing a huge increase in our activity levels as we all experienced the awesomeness that was CitizenCon, as well as rolling out some new systems for the organization. In keeping with our tradition of improving ourselves and our organization, we are preparing for even more exciting and new features to our portal, as well as our manual and structure, and we will keep everyone updated as always. With that having been said, Unit Founders please keep an eye out for PMs hitting your inboxes in the next week or so!

As we ramp up our activity levels in preparation for the release of more Star Citizen modules, we have also begun to ramp up our recruitment of members who wish to contribute more to the community. We will have more of the technical side of things in the Tech Report, but for now just be sure to check out this link:

If you think you have what it takes to help the organization as a staff member, put in an application.

The CIG Anniversary livestream will take place on November 19 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pacific – be sure to tune in and join your fellow SCB members on Teamspeak during the event!

Thanks for reading, everyone, and as always if you have questions or input, feel free to PM an Officer, or post in the suggestion forum!

Military Report:

Greetings everybody!

This month’s report is going to be fairly short I’m afraid. We are anxiously awaiting the release of the Mini PU so that we can actually start applying a small measure of what we have been working on all this time. Once the Mini PU drops, I would like to see our members putting some of our theory crafting to the test by building team building events and game nights.

I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone who applied for Military positions by way of the portal. When the time comes, we will make sure to review all of them carefully. While we may not be looking at the moment, there will come a time when we will have a great need for more staff.

Also, as a reminder to you fighter jockeys out there, keep up the good work and show us what you are made of. We have noticed a increased Imperium presence on the RSI leader boards recently. Keep it up, and you may find yourself mentioned in a future awards report, and the recipient of a ‘shiny’ new award on your portal profile. Keep up the good work.

Until next time…


Trade and Industry Report:

Another month, another report. The smoke clouds from Citizen Con have passed and everyone is eagerly waiting for 2.0 release of the big ships. Flying around in multicrew ships will probably be very interesting for space truckers as many of those ships are trade related with big cargo holds.

Hopefully we get some missions soon that are more than just combat.

So while we are still waiting please be reminded that you can PM ideas or questions any time or contact your T&I officers and specialists (@Nameless, @CyberianK, @Zhane, @Jon1812, @Radoorid) in Teamspeak. To those who applied on the portal for more active roles you will be contacted by us in the coming weeks to get some talks going.


Exploration Report:

This month has been exciting for Exploration and we have been doing quite a few things.

The big news regarding the division itself is that GeraldEvans became the newest Exploration Specialist, taking over Valenquo’s old spot. We wish him a hearty welcome and are looking forward to cooperate even more with him.

We barely had time to announce it on the forum before Valenquo had to leave Manchester and meet his fellow members and other Citizens at Citizencon. The event and people were great, as always, but of course, nothing could beat the revelation of the Star Map!

Finally Exploration has something to work with, and we have been scouring the map like crazy since it was released. It didn’t take long before several posts about the map, systems and potential strategies started popping opp on the forum. Although we are following them all closely, we won’t make any final decision until the map itself is final and we have a better understanding of the dynamics and economics of the Public Universe. That does not mean we should stop working with and studying the map! But it is important to remember that the data on the map can and will change as we get closer to the PU.

If the map wasn’t enough, Arena Commander 1.3’s new mechanics have given us the possibilities to finally test some Search & Rescue techniques and training with the help of our very own Specialist Stefmarster. And one thing is for sure, even in the tiny areas that are in Arena Commander, spotting a dead ship (with all its systems shut down)  is no easy task.

Of course we cannot wait for Alpha 2.0 and start doing some large scale SAR training. If you are interested in SAR and medical operations, feel free to contact us and join us during our training sessions.

In the month of November we will also have an informal Exploration meeting/get together/hangout on TeamSpeak and talk about all the great stuff that has happened and what we have learned these past couple of months with some speculating on what is to come. The time and place will be announced on the Exploration sub-forum, so keep an eye on it if you want to join.


Fleet Ops Report:

Greetings Imperium,

Wow, how awesome was Citizen Con?  Like most of you, everyone in Operations was excited to see all of the amazing things revealed at Citizen Con in early October.  However, before we even got to Citizen Con, we had already gotten the month off to a great start by adding another Operations Specialist.  If you haven’t already harassed congratulated Trophias, take a moment and give him a hard time say hello the next time you see him on TeamSpeak.  If he isn’t hanging out in one of the general channels, then chances are pretty good that you might see him, along with several of the other members of the Operations Staff, working on incorporating some of the amazing developments from Citizen Con into our long-term plans for how to run Operations when the PU goes live.

Speaking of all the work that the Operations Staff is doing, in October we worked on:

  • At the end of September we told you about the work that we were doing with Kraan & Tisi from the Technology Division on the completion and implementation of the Star System Module, unfortunately the unveiling of the Ark Star Map at Citizen Con has forced us to put that on (temporary) hold, however with a little extra coding, we hope to be able to add in all of the additional data presented in the Ark Star Map, and make the Systems Module even better. (We’d like to add a very special shout out to Albuss and Arengorn for helping with this project too).
  • Last month we also talked a little bit about the Hangar Module on Portal v2.0 and how Danredda was working with Kraan to allow greater Ops Integration for the future.  Work in this area continues, but for this system to truly work, we need to be sure that every member of Imperium has registered all of their ships in the Hangar Section of their Profile (for those of you with large multi-ship packages, you can even add in the packages, instead of individual ships, to save yourself some time).  If you haven’t already registered all of your ships on the Portal yet, please take a moment and do it now.  You can find the link here.
  • TheOnly, Trophias, & Gratch have continued to work with members of Imperium Academy and members of Imperium Military Division to develop a Communications Course.  This month the focus was on developing an extremely basic set of terms and vocabulary for FPS/Marine Ops and for Flight Ops.  These terms will then in turn be incorporated into the Communications Procedures that will be covered in the Academy Communications Course.


That’s it for October, but like all of you we can’t wait to get our hands on Star Citizen Alpha v2.0 as well as all the other amazing Star Citizen releases, that seem like they’re just around the corner!

Stay tuned & fly safe!

Imperium Operations Staff

Diplomacy Report:

It’s now fall in the Northern Hemisphere. As the seasons change and we draw closer and closer to the releases of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0, Squadron 42 and ultimately the full Persistent Universe, the Imperium Diplomacy Corp is gearing up for the inevitable onslaught of cross organizational interactions that will come as a result. With this ramp-up in activity, we’re pleased to announce that our application system has moved to the Portal! So, if you have a keen interest in contributing to the overall growth, health, and well being of the Imperium Organization, this is a must see for you! That being said, if you feel you have the desire, communication skills and temperament to work closely with other organizations in the Star Citizen community to forge lasting relationships between Imperium and potential allies, stop by the Portal and submit an application for the Imperium Diplomacy Corp. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

As a member of the Imperium Diplomacy Corp, one is often asked…”What do you do in Diplomacy?” While most of the ongoing daily operations are kept under wraps for security and discretionary purposes, rest assured that the current Imperium Diplomats have been diligently working with organizations across the Star Citizen community to gain their trust and ultimately their cooperation. With that, Imperium has been working closely with several organizations on drafting mutually beneficial treaties that will grant us stability and flexibility as the Star Citizen universe progresses. For a current overview of what has been accomplished to date, again, head on over to the Portal where all pertinent information can be readily reviewed. Furthermore, we will be adding more “Friends of Imperium” to the Portal very soon, so keep an eye out for that as well.

As we did last month, this month we would like to highlight one of our allied organizations and share with you an org profile, as well as some kind words offered by their Chief Diplomat relayed from their top tier commanders.

This months Org Spotlight: Systems United Navy –

And I quote:

“The Systems United Navy (SUN) was formed in the early days of the original pledge campaign as one of the first Citizen-operated private military contractors.  Our Operations Manual was the first Organization-written SOP and this drive for self-definition continues to propel SUN forward.  We now draw members from around the world and all walks of life, united by an unshakable code of ethics and a strong sense of camaraderie.

An early rivalry between SUN and Imperium has since grown into a valued partnership through the PACT Initiative, as two Founding Members of this effort.  Though our approaches to Star Citizen may differ, we’ve found that there is much to be learned from alternate points of view.  We look forward to a great deal of fun and shared success in the future!”

In closing, I just wish to remind and encourage anyone interested in being a part of something bigger than themselves to head on over to the Portal and apply for one of the many available positions. Find your passion and make it a reality! We look forward to working and flying with you in the VERY near future!


Academy Report:

Happy Halloween!

This month saw some mind blowing stuff, and I’d like to acknowledge all the cool people I met at CitizenCon in Manchester (the real one). I’m not going to re-iterate everything that happened there, you’ve all seen it.

This month Arena Commander 1.3 dropped on the live servers. This came with a number of updates, most notably to Academy was the constant crashing. THIS GAME IS STILL AN ALPHA. We’re here to test the game as well as play it, we’ll find problems, make sure you report them to CIG using the Issue Council and post your workarounds if you find any. It’s always great to see people helping others out and it’s fundamental to the spirit of Academy.

Like GreenAvenger posting this set of workarounds (which in turn is from TODOSKI, who posted something that Delore found) onto the SCB forum:

This should make your current attempts to play a stable game a little closer to reality in this build.

I’ll sum it up right here:

1. Choose your ship in holotable

2. Load weapons.

3. Load Missiles.

4. Load Shields.


6. In lobby you have to select another ship and pressok, then you have to select the ship that you want to fly and press ok.

We’re also expecting some form of AC 2.0 sometime soon.

This may happen on PTU in the next few weeks, it may take longer. Be realistic with your expectations. If they continue to have problems then they won’t release it, we know this by now. Be patient and there’s probably a few things you can do if you want to increase your chances to be amongst the first to taste the PTU Glory:

Ensure that you’re playing the game. Sounds kind of basic, but it’s something that many people miss. They sit there complaining that they’re waiting for the next patch to drop, however CIG has shown that the people they want testing the game are the people who are ACTIVELY TESTING THE GAME. Log in for a few hours when possible and try to break it and have fun with your friends!

Be active in the CIG Issue Council. If you’ve missed the release of the Issue Council, it’s a system that CIG now has. This allows you to submit bugs and problems to a kind of community board, you can also upvote other people’s reports to help prioritise them and you can also show that multiple people are having the same problem which also makes it easier for CIG to prioritise. Be constructive with your feedback, report as much information about problems as possible, help CIG to develop the game into the BDSSE!

More intelligent people than me are suggesting that the first people to get into the PTU for AC2.0 will be the people who are active and helping, after all, they want it tested and reported on.

Have fun, and look forward to next month’s report from Academy


Academy Officer


Intelligence Report:

October has been a busy month for the Intel division with internal restructuring and preparations for portal integration.

Once everything is in place we will see a personnel shift within the division and possibly open up a specialist position. This of course is dependent on how everything comes together over the next month or two, but so far, so good.

We anticipate opening up other unspecified positions in the future as part of the restructuring effort the closer we get to the PU.

As always, if you see something, say something.  Intel offers complete anonymity with reporting something suspicious.   Suspicious Activity Form

If joining the Imperium Intelligence Service is something you’d like to do, please fill out this Notice of Interest form.


Human Resources Report:

Greetings everyone, what an exciting time this is.

After starting the month off with the Citizencon livestream, and heading on to the anniversary, times are ramping up for HR. With the recent livestream, we took in a significant amount of new members, and to them we say welcome. HR is currently in the process of revamping and pushing more content out to you guys.

Firstly, our very own Ricko has been hard at work delivering community meetings and gatherings on Teamspeak, providing a short briefing of what we have coming up in the next two weeks. Whilst this is still early days, the feedback from these have been very positive and we look forward to seeing this continue into the future.

Furthermore, we are in the process of updating the forum rules as well as adding further explanation to fleet rule 6 of our CoC and how it applies to the current state of AC.

Finally, we are also looking to increase our divisional membership as well as staffing for TS moderators etc. Be sure to check out all the HR job listings in the Division section on the portal if you are interested in helping out.

On to this month’s MVP. This month’s MVP goes to Chimaera for his article about the recent events surrounding a person not to be named. Congratulations!

If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out here.

Remember, if you feel a post you see anywhere on SCB is worthy of MVP, be sure to nominate it.

See you all next month!

HR over and out.


Technology Report:

Greetings Programs

A comparatively slow month this time around for Tech Division.

With the release of the Star Map in the wake of Citizen Con, the release of one major module has been postponed while we rework its design to incorporate the new data from CIG.

The first phase of the awards module was released, allowing members to collect – and if appropriate be nominated for – various awards such as Leader Board Status or Exemplary Member. There are still areas to be added to and improved – such as allowing for different artwork for higher award levels.

The ‘Divisions’ Module was also released this month – a place that gives general information about each of Imperium’s Divisions and a method to allow for members to apply for applicable positions within those divisions.

We’re working on a custom built API tool that will give us more efficient real-time information from the RSI website in terms of Star map information and ship specs etc.

On a final note we have a new recruit – AdenFlorian – who was Tech Member in the past and worked on Portal 1 but has now returned to assist with Portal 2.

End Of Line


Fleet Media Report:

October has come and gone, and the Media team has been hard at work taking signature requests and helping out where they can!  CitizenCon gave us a surprise ship, the Aegis Sabre, which prompted several requests for either new or updated signatures featuring this beautiful ship. We didn’t have a ton of graphics to use, but the Media team did their best!

We’ve still have a few projects ongoing, and if anyone is waiting on anything we appreciate your patience while we work through all the current requests/projects.  As is everyone, we’re anxiously waiting for Star Citizen 2.0!  We believe 2.0 will give us access to create some in-game shots of your favorite ships to make even better signatures, banners, promotional posters, and more!

We’ll see you in the ‘Verse.

Monthly Awards:

Last month we rolled out the new Imperium Awards System and gave awards out to our inaugural group of outstanding members of Imperium. This month will be the first of our monthly awards announcements, where we will recognize members who meet criteria for one of our several awards. Without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to present the following members with awards:


GreenAvenger  – Exemplary Member Award and Arena Commander (Small Craft) Gold Award

As one of Imperium’s most active members, GreenAvenger has worked tirelessly to help get people active and gaming together within the Imperium Community. He has played a crucial part in organizing game nights, Arena Commander flights, and was a part of the Imperium Glaive group that helped members unlock the ability to purchase or use a Glaive following Gamescom. In addition to this, GreenAvenger has pushed himself into the Top 10 of the AC Leader Boards, and has helped Imperium be among the top organizations for the Leader Boards! GreenAvenger’s actions are the kind that make Imperium the best damn Organization in Star Citizen.


Xeen – Arena Commander (Small Craft) Gold Award & Arena Commander (Small Craft) Gold Racing Award

It should surprise none of you that Xeen, our resident flight instructor and one of our best Arena Commander pilots has won this award. Within days of our roll-out, Xeen pushed himself into the Top 10 of the Arena Commander Battle Royale ratings, capping a marathon of days of flying. We are proud of his accomplishment, and would like to recognize the dedication required to rise through the ranks on the Arena Commander Leader Boards.  Congratulations go out to Xeen for being the second member to receive this award!

In addition to the combat award, Xeen also busted his tail and was able to rank in the Top 10 of the Arena Commander Racing track Defford Link! Awesome job, Xeen, and congratulations on being the first Racer!


HydroBigBang – Arena Commander (Small Craft) Gold Award

HydroBigBang is one of our most active pilots and twitch streamers, so it shouldn’t make anyone feel surprised that he has hit the top-end of the Leader Boards in Squadron Battle! Good job, Hydro, and we encourage our members to check him out on twitch and provide support to a fellow Imperium member! Awesome job, and we look forward to watching you kick some more tail in Arena Commander!

Congratulations to these members for receiving their awards, and we look forward to announcing more of these in the near future! Not to fear, we do have more awards in the pipeline, but if you think you have a good idea for an award that is not based solely on forum activity, feel free to PM Chimaera and Arcanus with your ideas!