Imperium November Report

Fleet Command Report

November has been a busy month for FC. Obviously dealing with the great Fallout-ening of 2016 took its toll but press on we must and we’re happy to have taken a large bite out of the Unit project that will bring all of Imperium’s Units into effective operational units fit for everything the verse has to throw at us. If you would like to know more about the changes to the Unit system please see the following links:

Introduction, Unit History, Revisions: (Audio Recording)

Unit Q&A: (Audio Recording)

And for those of you who would rather read than listen to the recording, this was the document that was discussed during the multiple Unit Q&A we held throughout the month.

As we receive more feedback from Unit Administrators, we will make needed adjustments and the information you find here will make its way into the next iteration of the Imperium Manual so that all new members of Imperium will have the opportunity to educate themselves about the Unit Structure of Imperium.

Next month’s report will be the Annual “Year in Review” so stay tuned for a much larger update.

With that report will come an announcement regarding the format of Imperium’s monthly reports and updates to the fleet. Exciting times are ahead! See you next month!

Military Report


These are exciting times for the fleet, with the upcoming release of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0/Crusader. Soon we should be able to finally put some of the theory crafting and speculation we have been doing up to now into practice. As the number of people who can enter a single instance grows, we can start training together as a group and discover the best practices we will use to help the fleet grow and thrive. Those of you who have not played AC and want to experience the baby PU with us, I would advise you to prepare yourself. Get to know your fellow fleet members on TS, watch footage of AC/PU on line, play AC, etc. Unit members should especially be excited for the PU release, as you will finally get a chance to fly with your teammates. Get out there when the time comes, and join in the fun!


Trade and Industry Report

The release of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is getting really close and while some actual game-play or larger mechanics are still missing, we are getting tidbits on how some of the things work.

This month we’ve got an insight into how we’ll be able to do repairs. While it’s no surprise that a repair will require materials, the ability to choose the quality of them is quite interesting. It’s quite detailed, just like the other game-play-mechanics we’ve seen so far.

If you haven’t yet done so you should probably the comm-link on RSI:

This has been introduced along with the Anvil Aerospace Crucible, a dedicated repair ship and we are happy to have members that either call one their own now or are willing to help to upkeep our fleet. We’ll probably need that.

Internally our work on the concept project continues and this month CyberianK has also been helping out to bring our Unit system to new and better standards.

Also we are currently discussing to potentially change the Division name “Trade & Industry” as it is probably a bit long. Do you have feedback or suggestions about that?

That’s it for this month (and probably year). So happy holidays and as always, for questions and ideas you can contact CyberianK and Nameless as the T&I Officers and Jon1812, radoorid and

Zhane as the Specialists


Exploration Report

Another month has passed and we are now on the edge of a whole new world to discover! With 2.0 being released slowly to everyone we are gearing up to start planning to explore the Crusader system, along with everything else that CIG has for us in the last month of the year. The only downside is that not everyone has been able to jump in and explore. So while we are very excited to be able to start exploring, right at this time we’re in a state of limbo. We don’t know about everyone but most explorers want to experience it themselves for the first time behind the wheel, and not have everything spoiled by watching others discovering the wonders of the Crusader system. So once everyone gets their hands on Alpha 2.0 and has had a chance to get a feel for things, that’s when we’ll start organizing larger exploration themed Imperium events!


Fleet Ops Report

Greetings Imperium,

Last month we talked about all the amazing developments in October, especially the big reveals at Citizen Con in early October.  If you had asked us then, we might have told you that it would be hard for CIG to top the Operations-related excitement, but we’d have been wrong!  The Holiday Livestream, the launch of Alpha v2.0, and even the Repair Design Document were all so amazing, that we’re operating at “Hype Factor 12”

But you’re not reading this section of the monthly Report to have us tell you about what you already know, you want to hear what the Operations Division has been working on for the Month of November, and how these new developments will affect our work, so without further ado:

The process of coordination between Operations & Technology Divisions (specifically with Kraan & Tisi) remains ongoing. I know that on the surface our progress might seem slow, but the process of building the Imperium Mission System is a being done slowly on purpose. We’re going slowly because we want to be careful at every step to take into account new developments from CIG, including new resources and new game mechanics (even attempting to anticipate some things that haven’t been revealed yet).  We won’t do anything “quick & dirty” because we want a system that will stand up to everything the PU can throw at us, because Imperium deserves nothing less.

With the launch of Alpha v2.0 we have started to evaluate the in-game mission systems to see what we can learn from CIG’s implementation, and research ways that we can tie CIG’s min-game implementation into our own.

We’re diving into Alpha v2.0 even further, with the reveal of (initial) multi-crew mechanics to see if there are any additional considerations relating to multi-crew mechanics that we will need to build into the Mission System.

The Repair Design Document also provided a wealth of new Operations-related information, and we’re evaluating the Design Document with an eye towards planning for how we’ll incorporate that into the Mission System as well… remember sending you out on missions, is only half the battle, it’s going to be equally important for us to make sure that when you come back from battle, we also want to be sure that we’re ready to patch you up & get you back into battle-ready condition as quickly as possible too!

Finally, we’d like to remind you again, if you haven’t already registered all of your ships on the Portal yet, please take a moment and do it now.  You can find the link here.

That’s it for November, but since CIG already managed to top an impressive October, we can’t wait to see what they do next month to top November.  Meanwhile, we’ll see you all in Alpha v2.0!

Stay tuned & fly safe!

Imperium Operations Staff


Diplomacy Report

November saw us experiencing some of the coolest stuff that CIG has had to offer! With the limited release of the Mini-PU module, and the reveal of Mark Hamill we have seen something of an uptick in activity among other organizations that has since quieted down slightly with the holidays.

We’ve been working with our friends in PACT to put together some long-term goals for the PACT Initiative overall, and once there is something that is need to know for general membership, it will be put forward.

Unfortunately, because of the holidays, we weren’t able to get any input from some of our friendly orgs for our Org feature of the month, but next month we should have one for you!

As always, if you happen to notice a foreign dignitary in Teamspeak, feel free to be welcoming to them, but if there are any issues, report them to an Officer or member of Diplomacy!


Academy Report

This month has seen some developments which will help Academy take shape into the form it will eventually become. Some of it is still in development, so rather than talk about that I’ll re-iterate the scope of the Academy Division.

Academy is here to help turn Real Experience into Training Packages that Imperium Members can elect to take in order to improve, expand and confirm their skill-base. Upon completion of these packages, Certifications will be awarded which can be used to demonstrate their understanding of a particular aspect of the game.

We have made many developments towards making this as easy as possible for Members:

E-Learning: We have the infrastructure to present online courses for basic topics and to confirm a member’s understanding. This is a huge development and will allow Members to gain access to knowledge without having to rely upon Instructors schedules for some basic courses, and possibly some more advanced ones.

Pilot Instructors: We have started the Pilot Instructor initiative in order to encourage people to not only achieve great heights in Arena Commander, but to pass on those skills to those around them.

Although we have a great base of Members, we will need to expand upon this. If you spot people who have been particularly helpful in AC, please let us know.

Instructors: In order to make spreading knowledge as fluid as possible, the concept requires multiple instructors, of many levels, laced throughout Imperium. In the ideal situation everyone would learn Imperium SOPs, get hints and tips without even being aware that they’re learning, just by gaming normally with these Instructors. Some of these Instructors will be also able to directly Mentor members as required for more advanced skills. The Instructor course is currently in development, so some time in the New Year we will start to look for the men and women who will be the backbone of Imperiums knowledgebase.

Course Developers: We have some great people here, we’re looking at others who may become

Course Developers. These people are Academy Specialists and are responsible for helping turn Specialist knowledge into the Courses that Instructors will use to develop Members, and also to put together the Online Learning experiences.

In the long term, Imperium Academy will have Officers who oversee the aspects of Course Development and Instructor Development. This will make it easier to maintain the different aspects of Imperium as far as the Academy is concerned.

If you feel that any aspect of this would appeal to you, if you envision the core assets of Imperium working as a well oiled machine, if you are willing to devote some time and experience to making this a reality, then head over to the portal and sign up. I will always try to get back to you as soon as possible, but don’t be worried if I’m not quick to respond. I’m considering everyone and if you don’t get told “no” then you’re still on my list waiting for a time when you will be most useful.

Intelligence Report

November was a slow month all around, but it’s never a dull moment in Intel.  We appreciate those who submit suspicious activity reports which helps us immensely.  We investigate every report and we take every report seriously, please don’t hesitate to submit something, even if you’re not sure if it qualifies as being “suspicious”.

Intel is still on track with portal integration and some internal restructuring.  We’ve had a lot of applications come through our Notice of Interest form, so please be patient if you’ve recently filled out the form.

If you are interested in joining the Intel program, please submit this Notice of Interest form.

A Suspicious Activity report can be filled out anonymously if you hear or read anything unusual.  It doesn’t matter if the incident took place on the SCB forums, TeamSpeak or RSI forums.  If you see something, say something.

You can also reach out to Nip on TeamSpeak/forums directly for any concerns or questions.

Have a great holiday season!


Human Resources Report

Hello everyone,

Glad to have you with us for the HR report. November has seen the completion of two projects we already talked about in the October report: The forum rules update and the explanations for rule 6 (cheating) of our CoC. If you have missed the announcements regarding them, please have a look here and here.

In addition to that our recruitment efforts are continuing with Lethality and the #UnityByDivision campaign on social media. If you haven’t seen his efforts yet be sure to follow Imperium’s social media accounts (and share the love ) on Facebook andTwitter.

The release of 2.0 to the PTU and the anniversary sale has brought us a spike in activity and applications – we are looking forward to the last month of 2015 and the approaching mark of 4000 members. If you would like to help us getting there bump our recruitment thread when you’re on RSI and share our posts on social media.

And now on to this month’s MVP:

Congratulations Sir_Belial for winning SCB MVP in November!

Check out his funny, original and helpful guide about Star Citizen´s flash sales and how to get the ship of your dreams. Even though the past anniversary sale hasn´t seen any flash sales we are sure they might happen again in the future so be sure tocheck it out!

Remember: if you see a post from someone that you believe is worthy of getting MVP nominate it right away, otherwise it might get missed.

So long and thanks for all the fish! See you in 2016!

Technology Report

Seasons Greetings Programs

A comparatively quiet month for Technology this month, perhaps because people are slowing down for Christmas.

At any rate. Our main focus this month has been the implementation of the changes for the Unit System – Much of the documentation has already been released at this point; with the interface and back-end changes likely to be released hopefully mid to late December.

We have also done some re-organisation of our Repo’s and other development tools to support the larger team we now have – as well as providing better functionality and more oversight.

Unfortunate due to some technical issues, work on the API for the Star Systems module is currently on hold but will hopefully re-commence soon. This means that this module will likely not be released until the new year.

End Of Line.


Fleet Media Report

The Media team saw a total of 16 signature requests during November for several new recruits and others requesting updated signatures to include their new unit affiliations.  There were also a few new unit logos created during this month.  A slow month, but steady!  The Media team looks forward to the new challenges that will come once Star Citizen 2.0 drops.

Monthly Awards

We have one award for this Month.


DrKen has shown exemplary flying skills and has placed in the Top 10 of Arena Commander for Combat in Squadron Battles! His flying and capabilities in Arena Commander are keeping in the spirit of competitiveness and skill that our organization represents to the Star Citizen Community as a whole! Congratulations and keep up the good work!