Happy Year’s End and New Year Imperium!

Before diving into the rest of the letter, Fleet Command would like to thank each and every one of you for making this one of the most active and robust organizations this side of Star Citizen! It’s been an eventful year for sure, from the growth of our membership by over 1000 people since this time last year, to the rollout of Squadrons 2.0, Imperium leadership has been extremely busy over the last year. As many of you know, with the rapid increase in our membership, we also saw an increase in the overall leadership positions at the Fleet Command level in order to account for the increase in our size and activity.

The Fleet Commanders have been working hard to provide guidance to the Officership of Imperium, while also acting as the focal points for new policies and even approving our newest Division, Fleet Ops. Fleet Ops is a testament to what our members can accomplish when they work together to build a part of Imperium that is definitely a need. We’ve also seen the promotion of people into leadership positions within all of the divisions, some of them within the last few weeks! This goes to show that any member, no matter when they may have joined, can be recognized for their contributions and their leadership qualities, and it makes us proud whenever we’re able to recognize those who go above and beyond even at this early stage of Star Citizen’s development.

With this in mind, Fleet Command would like to encourage all Imperium members who want to contribute to our growing community to show initiative and work within their Divisions and with their Officers to make this the Best Damn Star Citizen Community EVER!. So, please enjoy reading about the activities of each of the divisions over the past year, and if you find that a specific division appeals to you, feel free to check their recruitment thread.

Thanks, all of you, for being a great community, and we’ll see you on the forums!