February Reports

Fleet Command Report

The month of February seems to have just flown by for Imperium. Fleet Command couldn’t have asked for a more productive month from our Officers. They have been extremely busy with a very special announcement that is due a couple months from now – so watch this space for more on that later!

However that is not the only announcement that we are making today. We are happy to announce the creation of the Specialist position! More details on that can be found here.

Additionally, you may have noticed our fancy news page on the front page is now being populated regularly. We have Lethality to thank for that! Lethality also took some time to organize our social media assets and you can now follow SCB and Imperium on social media!

SCB Twitter

SCB Facebook

Imperium Twitter

Imperium Facebook

You can also sign up for Lethality’s up and coming project called ‘Delta Colony’ here.

As mentioned previously, there is going to be an exciting announcement in the not too distance future. In line with this, we will lead up to it with a treat. Chimaera has offered to compose a mini-fan fiction series that will drop hints about the upcoming announcement.  You can click here to get your hands on the first Episode!

We hope you enjoy the rest of the reports and we are looking forward to another exciting month ahead!


Combat Ops Report


Star Citizen is starting to pick up speed, with the upcoming releases of the FPS and Social modules and Arena Commander 1.1 (“NOW WITH REC!”). We are excited by each new announcement from CIG, and we look forward to the next with bated breath.

We in Combat Ops are taking steps to build the framework that will propel us into the eventual PU release, and we will need your help! If you have an interest in stepping up, please get in touch with us and let it be known – or better yet,  jump on Teamspeak and get to know everyone!

With an eye to the PU release, what do you see yourselves doing as Combat Operators? Will you be spearheading attacks against hostile forces, leading the charge of our Imperium ground forces, or manning a turret in one of our many capital-class ships? These are just a few of the MANY possible jobs that one may enjoy in Star Citizen. Can you think of more? Let us know your thoughts here!

It is an exciting time for Combat Ops and Imperium, good things are on the horizon. Stay tuned.


Trade and Industry Report

February was the month for everyone who likes digging a hole or two, this time of course with the juggernaut that is the RSI Orion. If you missed the CIG reveals here are the links again:

RSI Orion

Mining Deep Dive

The design document, even if it’s just a small glimpse of what will await us in the Persistent Universe, enables us to further refine our current strategies and to develop possible new ones even when it won’t have an immediate effect.

If you have ideas on the whole mining topic or suggestions of services we can provide to fleet members as T&I please post in the corresponding Think Tank Topic

Think Tank Mining Thread

Also we want to remind everyone of the mission type proposal thread again where you can theorycraft or list potential future missions T&I pilots can pursue in the PU.

Mission Creation Theorycrafting

As you can see, we are interested in input from everyone. So if you have any other idea that could benefit T&I, don’t hesitate and tell us about it in the corresponding threads or PMs and if you see us in TS stop by for a chat about it or you can even request a TS meeting with us when you want to discuss something that cannot be handled in the forums.

Next we want to ask you if you want to have a T&I meeting:

lf you have potential topics for a meeting please send them to @Nameless and @CyberianK via PM. Note that an official meeting will only take place if there are topics we should discuss as we want to avoid boring everyone. But if we get at least a few suggestions we will spice it up with a few points of us and we will of course inform you of the coming [redacted] when it is ready.

Glück Auf! (traditional german miners greeting)


Exploration Report

With the winter months flying by and spring on its way the Exploration division was busy focusing on building the framework that will help guide us to a new direction as we strive to be the best damn Organization ever!

We have been working hard with volunteers and suggested members providing input on mission creation (HERE) as one of the first of many steps towards our goal.  As we move forward this will help us organize and become what we all hope will be a better direction that will grow and prosper as we get closer to the PU and beyond.

In the coming months we will continue to fine tune and build upon what we have started and will be looking for new ideas and members who want to help out or become more integrated within the fleet. We are watching, so show us what you got!

Aside from the new direction of the fleet, we have also this month expanded the Game Nights project to encompass a scheduled all week event, every day of every week (depending on participants) and at 20:00 / 02:00 UTC we have time allocated to Arena Commander.  This is not only to provide a steady schedule for our members to show up and have some fun but also friends and allies from other corners of the Star Citizen Community.  There are other games we also play and if you have any games that you think would be great to have for team-building these are the best times to have people join in on the fun.

That’s it for this month from your Exploration division! Until next time, Keep Calm and Explore On.


Fleet Ops Report

They say that there’s “no rest for the wicked”, and if that’s true then apparently your Fleet Ops Officers must have misbehaved quite a bit last month!
Things that happened in February:

  • Work is ongoing with Fleet Technology to include tools for Fleet Ops to better coordinate Fleet Assets in “Portal v2.0”  The tech team has done an amazing job of integrating a ship inventory system into Portal v2.0 and allowing individual users to list intended roles, permissions/availability for Fleet use, and even visibility to others (for the sake of individual member privacy) for each of the ships in their inventory.
  • We’re looking at/working on the “Mission Creation System” with representatives from Fleet Command, the Primary Divisions, and Fleet Technology… more info on that to come soon!
  • We’re working with Imperium Academy to establish a liaison between Fleet Ops and the Academy so that we can begin the process of developing the necessary coursework for Fleet Ops once we have enough information from CIG and other sources to begin fleshing out the various areas of study.

For the future:

  • We’re still looking into setting up liaisons with all of the various primary divisions down the road.
  • Work on the “Mission Creation System” remains ongoing.
  • We hope to host (at least one) Fleet Ops/Capital Crew Corps Q&A/listening session on TeamSpeak sometime in the next few months (before the roll-out of AC v2.0) and people should keep their eyes open for announcements as to when AND a thread where they can offer suggestions (within reason) as to topics to be covered.

That’s all for this month!


Diplomacy Report

Diplomacy was exceptionally busy this month! Unfortunately, due to reasons of secrecy and at the request of the organizations involved, we have to pretend like we’re Intel a bit and play the redacting game.

We are proud to announce that we have had a signed treaty with [REDACTED] and are currently in talks with [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] for other treaty arrangements. We have also been continuing to gather interested groups for multi-org game nights, and you should expect to see some folks popping on for game nights starting this month! We would like to remind all of our members who take part in these game nights that these folks are people who have built a good relationship with us and are looking to get even better acquainted. Please give them a proper welcome and make sure that if any questions are asked related to Imperium policy or diplomacy that you refer them to a diplomat or an officer.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge our diplomats and their endeavors by thanking all of them for their hard work so far in helping build Imperium’s diplomatic relationships in the pre-game. This is not an easy task and requires dedication, tact, and willingness to accurately represent Imperium to other orgs. We would also like to welcome our newest Diplomat Metternich70 into the ranks. Good luck with your assignments, and we look forward to seeing great things from you!

Finally, if you are interested in seeing what Diplomacy is all about, please be sure to check out our recruitment thread located HERE and put in an application if you believe you meet the requirements. As always, if you have any questions regarding diplomacy, feel free to ask any of the “Men of the Grey”, and we’ll try to answer them as best as we can.

Stay tuned to the forums for the inter-org game nights, and we’ll see you all on TS!


Human Resources Report

Greetings Imperiumites,

I guess it’s that time again. Time for the HR report. February for us started off with a massive bang, with the exciting news that our very own Draegar was promoted to Sub Commander for HR. You might all be wondering “What about Core?” Well since the exit of a particular member Core willingly took on the burden of working with and taking over that role. As a consequence the amount of effort Core was able to place towards HR was decreased and the workload became too much. As a result, Core is moving across to permanently fill that position, while Draegar fulfills the role of the HR Sub Commander. Core will however maintain his HR appearance in an advisory role much the same as many of the other members of Fleet Command.

In other news, February also saw the launch of the new Anti-Bullying campaign launched by HR as an initiative to try and tame down a lot of the issue that have arisen and might possibly arise between members on TS and the forums. This initiative is headed up by our very own Shane and Rellim, with assistance provided by other members of the team. We hope that at least by having something like this in place, as well as further refining and modifying our policies and procedures, we can continue to improve the community and fleet.

As a consequence, on TS you may have noticed quite a few more “lightning bolt” TS Moderators. It has been realised over the last few weeks, that even with our dedicated Officer corps as well as our awesome team of HR members who literally LIVE on TS, we still don’t quite have the manpower to cover all the channels and activities that daily occur on TS. As a consequence of this realisation, we have ramped-up the number of TS moderators, and are constantly keeping an eye on member we feel may also be appropriate for the role. Do keep in mind that even if HR is not there, if a TS mod tells you to do something then you should follow their directions. They are our eyes and ears, and keep us in the loop on every action they may need to do – from moving to banning, it is all tracked. Now this is not intended to scare you, but more to keep you alert as to how you act towards one another.

Finally, as always HR is continuously looking for new members to fill its ranks. If you feel like you meet the requirements, feel free to follow the instructions in that thread. While we don’t accept everyone, we are more than willing to talk and listen. Also, if you have any issues at all with other members etc. PLEASE contact a member of HR (or an Officer if you really need to) and we will be more than happy to help try and resolve the issue. Don’t try to bottle it up, or just leave the fleet. Our primary job isn’t to punish people, but to help people. Let us help you. Trust us, we don’t bite.

Signing off for now,

The Human Resources Team


Academy Report

It’s been a hectic month again for Academy!

You may recall that I spoke last month about new positions opening up in Academy, from Instructors and Developers to Division Liaisons and we’re still working hard finding the right people to fill those seats! If you’ve sent an application and are worried that you’ve gone in the bin, don’t be! You’re all getting consideration and we’re just trying to find the best fit for each position, and the best position for everyone who applied, but we’re always keen to hear from more people and happy to answer any questions you have on what each role entails!

At around the time of this report’s release we’re also going to be trialling a games night where we get as many people as possible together and try out tactics, methods of teaching, communicating and working together which may eventually become the methods that get passed on to all of Imperium as basic guidelines! I’ll be reporting on the success (or lack of it) in next month’s report so I hope I saw a great number of you guys there, and if not where the hell were you?!

Academy has also been working heavily with Technology in a continued development of [Redacted] in order to make sure that we all get the best system out to you guys as possible! I’m certain there’s going to be a great deal of excitement if we manage to get it into the form that we want it. Look forward to news on that in a future update!

We’ve also been working on our own infrastructure in order to set ourselves up for the future. When you’re trying to distribute information to over 3,500 people there becomes a lot to think about. How do we find the best people to provide information to pass along? How do we distribute that information once it’s been turned into a course? What incentive is there to complete this course and how can we make sure there are enough instructors? The answers to these and many more questions are being answered… but everything is subject to change and I don’t want to speak too much about it until we’re certain that everything is as close to perfect as is reasonable.

If you have any questions, or would like to help out in any way please feel free to contact WarWulf and I’d love to hear from you.


Intelligence Report

As usual, Intel has prepared a mouthwatering feast, destitute of any valuable information.

This month, [REDACTED] was apprehended. Who leaves their [REDACTED] at the scene of a crime? Anyhow, unfortunately, before we did apprehended [REDACTED] they were able to release very sensitive documents containing the Officers favourite [REDACTED] flavours. We have also learned that our torture methods could use improvement as [REDACTED] was unwilling to expose the associate whom they released these document to, even after severe torture in the forms of: Tickling, Hours of Justin Beiber on repeat, [REDACTED][REDACTED], and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment.

As we mentioned last month, we will be giving everyone a sneak peak into our scrupulous training methods each month. So we are happy to present monthly lesson #2 (February): Sexpionage

For anyone that has further questions about the division, wishes to apply, or wishes to report suspicious activity please click HERE.

Happy February!


Technology Report

Tech Division has again been busy this month as we continue our work on Portal 2 – an upgraded replacement for the fleet’s current Portal.

In January we completed the first content pass on the Squadrons and Diplomacy modules as well as several of the administrative systems needed to keep things running smoothly. These modules are far from feature complete however and will continue to be refined in future months. Especially Squadrons which will get a private member area amongst other features, eventually culminating in the [REDACTED] module at a later date.

The focus for this month has shifted to working on member-centric features such as redesigning the Profile page for better usability and to support future additions, implementing a more robust Hangar, recreating the Twitch Streamers system and several other miscellaneous features.

Additionally we have been working with both Academy and Fleet Ops/Command on the new [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] modules that will see several new exciting features coming online in the next few months. Unfortunately this also means that there will be fewer updates in the mean time as we focus on getting these ready to roll out.

We are also looking for more people to join Fleet Technology and help us with our projects. If you have knowledge of HTML & PHP and are interested in joining please read this thread for more information.


Fleet Media Report

Greetings citizens, February report from Fleet Media is here!

This month, our signature service ran like usual, there was around the same demand as in January, so we delivered around 20 sig requests. But more important, as hinted in the last month’s report, we now have a fully functional and ready to use new signature layout template. That doesn’t mean we are abandoning the current one, both will be supported and used, our members can decide which one suits them the best.

Some other, maybe not as visible and exciting news, major internal cleanup and sorting of all the assets were made. We needed to get some order in our resource threads and dropbox folders so any Media member can have easy and quick access to the necessary tools and resources. Everything from Fleet logos, templates and graphic assets from CIG, all in one organized place, ready to use and create all the exciting new stuff.

The start of Media recruitment thread got a bit delayed, but we are excited to announce that it is now on! You can find more information and requirements on how to join in our recruitment thread here. As in the previous competition, we are looking for talented individuals who can step up and show their skills as well as their dedication and consistent participation in our projects, contributing with ideas, delivering quality assets and giving lots of feedback. We are looking forward to meet our new colleagues.

Some small progress in other projects was made, but we are not ready to reveal the details yet. First prototype of the new SCB radio webpage is nearly done, some assets for the ORG page redesign are being finalized and a batch of new recruitment posters for our RSI forums threads will be ready soon.

Thanks for all your support and feedback.

Purple power!