April Reports

Greetings Imperium. For months there have been rumors of “something big” coming that would have a large impact on Imperium operations, and you may have heard bits and pieces and been told “I can’t really say more” by those in the know. The wait is over, for it is with great relief that we are ready to reveal what has dominated the last several months of work behind the scenes.

The Imperium Manual v1.0 is here. This manual is not only a guide to the things you as existing members already know, however, as there are a number of important and far-reaching changes outlined within.

Imperium’s Commanders, Officers, and Specialists have been hard at work to create a system that will provide the structure for future Imperium operations in Star Citizen. While it is impossible to create a perfect framework around something that is still in development, the system that has been created offers a potent blend of structure and flexibility that should allow us to adapt with relative ease to game mechanics that may change completely in the future. As with anything Star Citizen related, however, nothing is ever written in stone – though we have endeavored to create something that is as future-proof as possible.

The Imperium Manual is a massive document detailing a number of systems Imperium members will use to manage operations going forward. It is important that all members have a basic understanding of the new system, and with this in mind we would like to present you with a “TLDR” version covering the basic nuts and bolts. If you’d rather jump straight into the full documentation, click here.

Please note that while even this version of the document is rather lengthy, it covers information that is important for all Imperium members to be aware of.

Imperium Manual v1.0 – The Basics

Organizational Structure


The ranks within Imperium have been refined to adapt to our new organizational structure. The ranks are as follows:

  • Fleet Commander
  • Sub Commander
  • Commanding Officer (NEW)
  • Officer
  • Member


Divisions are the highest-tier section of Imperium’s structure. They are responsible for different core sections of fleet activities. They are as follows:

  • Military (Formerly Combat Ops)
  • Trade & Industry
  • Exploration
  • Operations
  • Diplomacy
  • Human Resources
  • Academy
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Intelligence

An important change to note here is that general fleet members will no longer be associated with a Division. Specialists, Officers (and above), and those who hold specific positions within the divisions are the only Imperium members considered to “belong” to a specific division. All other members are exactly that: Imperium Members. How you will continue to express your personal areas of interest in the game will be outlined further down.


A position is a job within the fleet that has no relation to rank. Generally, these positions are granted to members based on desire, skillset, availability, compatibility, and the needs of the fleet. These roles include:

  • Specialist
  • Media Member
  • Technology Member
  • Diplomat
  • Human Resources Member
  • Academy Course Developer
  • Press Secretary
  • Forum Moderator
  • TeamSpeak Moderator

The other type of position is a Unit Founder. We’ll discuss this more a bit further down.


The all new mission system represents a huge amount of behind the scenes work that has been ongoing to create a web-based platform for the creation and organization of Imperium activities, and to provide all users with a powerful tool to create their own missions, easily facilitating matchmaking and organization between players.

A mission creator will select a category and specifications for a mission, and then others will be able to sign up to participate. The preliminary categories that have already been created include Military (Offensive Operations, Defensive Operations, and Recon Operations), Trade and Industry (Resource Gathering, Trading and Manufacturing, and Logistics and Engineering) and Exploration (Expeditionary, Fringe Operations, and Surveying). Each category contains a number of more specific mission types, and the creator of a mission will be able to provide further details.

Mission Ranks

Missions will be created with different ranks, or levels of importance and urgency. Signing up for higher level missions may have more strenuous requirements – we’ll get into that in a bit. Missions will be ranked levels 0 – 5, with level 0 missions available for creation by all users. These missions equate to an out-of-game job board that will be available to any member.

Higher ranked missions (1 and above) will be created by Imperium and will reflect the needs of the fleet, from day to day activities like resource collection and management, to full scale emergency missions dictated by Fleet Command.

Important: Higher ranked missions will not be restricted to members of Fleet Units – any Imperium member with the proper certifications will be eligible for missions, regardless of Unit affiliation. All members or Units selected for any given mission are done so at the discretion of the mission creator. A mission creator may choose to select an entire Fleet Unit rather than manage and organize a dynamic unit for the purposes of a mission. Continue reading for an explanation of Fleet Units.

Mission Creation

Rank 0 missions can be created by any Imperium member who has completed a brief familiarization course. Higher ranking missions are created by the Specialists, Officers, and Commanders of Imperium. All missions, including Rank 0 missions, must adhere to the Imperium Code of Conduct.

Operational Structure

During active missions, members will have Roles specific to that mission, superseding their usual position in the fleet. When participating in an active mission, your Mission Role takes precedent – meaning that, for example, an Officer who is participating in a mission has no authority over the Mission Commander when it comes to the specifics of that mission. The Roles include:

Mission Commander

Battlegroup Commander

Wing Commander

Squadron Leader

Flight Lead

Element Lead


Within large ships, the following roles will apply:

Capital Ship Captain

Multi-Crew Captain


For missions that include on-foot military personnel, the roles include:

Platoon Leader

Section Leader

Fireteam Leader


Not all missions will require use of all roles, as only very expansive missions would include enough members to require the use of every role outlined here.


Units – what you currently know as Squadrons – fall into two main categories: Social Units and Fleet Units. This system is very much a work in progress, and will continue to be adapted and refined based on future knowledge of game mechanics.

Social Units are a group of members with a common affiliation. This may be a common playstyle, interest, activity time, or simply a group of friends. Social Units are able to sign up for any Level 0 missions as individuals or units if the unit is capable of filling the roles, but will not be considered as a unit for Level 1 or higher missions as Fleet Units are preferred for Level 1 or higher missions. However, the final say for this restriction will be up to the Mission Commander for the Level 1 or higher mission.

Fleet Units have gone through the process required to be considered a reliable, cohesive and functional unit within Imperium. Once a unit is recognized as a Fleet Unit, they may be tapped as a whole to complete higher priority missions on behalf of Imperium, and will operate under the direct supervision and control of Imperium’s leadership.

All Units have unique membership – you cannot be a member of a Social Unit and a Fleet Unit at the same time, or multiple Units of the same type. Social Units are required to have between 9 and 33 members, while Fleet Units must have a minimum of 17 members, with the maximum remaining at 33.

It is unlikely that any Fleet Units will be created/recognized as such before the launch of the Persistent Universe.

Portal 2.0

The Imperium Portal is the system members will use to organize their individual preferences, their missions, and their units. Tools that will be available through the portal include:

  • Member Cards
  • Unit Cards
  • Academy Certifications
  • Mission System

Member Card

Your Member Card is your profile as an Imperium member, and it is where you represent your in-game interests and preferences. It is also where you can display a list of ships you own, what Unit you are a part of, and a representation of any feedback that has been left for you through the mission system.

Unit Card

A Unit Card displays information about a Unit, including its name, focus, member list, and a detailed description of the unit. This is also where the Unit’s leader will manage applications to join the unit.

Academy Certifications

The Academy module is where Imperium members will complete the courses required for various certifications. These certifications will then be reflected on the member card.

Mission System

This is where missions will be created, applied for, and managed.


As you can see, the new Imperium Manual has a lot of information to digest, and truthfully we have only covered the very basics in this document, but we hope it has provided you with an understanding of the changes that are happening and the improvements being made. You can, of course, refer to the complete document to delve into further detail, or to answer any questions you may have. If you have read the full manual and still have questions or concerns, let us know by posting on the appropriate forum.

Click here to read the full Imperium Manual.

Now that you’ve gotten through all that…

Imperium Monthly Report – April

Military Report:


First and foremost, welcome to the Imperium Military. The change from Combat Ops to Military is just one of the changes that will come to light with the release of the new Imperium Manual and the system it describes. We, the Military Officers and Specialists, will strive to answer any of the questions you may have in regards to this new system, and we will be holding a Military meeting May the 9th at 20:00 UTC. Thank you for your time!


Trade & Industry Report:

We are very excited that the Imperium Manual 1.0 is finally being released. If you have feedback about the T&I mission types that we already spoiled at the T&I meeting please contact us or post in the corresponding announcement thread. Speaking of the meeting we had here is the topic with the recording: http://forums.starci…april-2200-utc/. If you have feedback for improving the meetings in the future or additional content suggestions we are always eager to hear them. It’s also a very exciting time for fans of Star Citizen’s industrial aspects, with the release of the Hull line of cargo transports, and a thorough design document outlining the way things will get moved from Point A to Point B in the game. Much discussion and theorycrafting is sure to revolve around this new information. Join in the discussion by heading over to our T&I forums! Stay safe and beware of grabby hands.

Your T&I Team

Nameless, CyberianK, Radoorid, Jon1812, Zhane


Exploration Report:

We are very excited for the changes that are coming to the explorations divisions focus and missions system that we have along with all other divisions been working on. Aside from the change in how some might view some of the missions that may have been exploration in the past, we have gains some clarity on the direction best suited for the future of explorations. Remember all feedback is welcome along with any questions, I hope we can answer them all properly. Hopefully over the next month we will look at having an exploration themed meeting once the dust has settled around all the excitement right now!

Till next time, keep calm and explore on!


Operations Report:

With the announcement of the new structure changes, and the release of the first public version of the Imperium Manual, you are all probably aware of the biggest change coming to Fleet Operations… namely the fact that we are now simply the Imperium Operations Division, charged with handling all of Imperium’s mission control and coordination needs.  It’s a big job, a great honor, and an important responsibility — one that all of the Operations staff takes very seriously.  As the PU approaches, we’ll be expanding our staff several times to ensure that we will have skilled Operations specialists available at all times 24/7 to keep Imperium’s missions running around the clock.

Lastly, for those of you who count Capital Ship Operations as your greatest area of interest in Star Citizen… don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. While our role here at the Operations Division may have expanded, all of us still have a great love for Capital Ship Operations as it was originally our main divisional goal.  Going forward, Operations will still be organizing Capital Ship Crews (along with all of Imperium’s other Members), and the final version of Portal v2.0 will include a tool allowing you to specify what missions that you would prefer to perform; as a crewman on a Small Craft (1-3 crew), Multicrew (3-10), or Capital Ship (8+, using the “Seat Action System”).

Best Regards,

The (Fleet) Operations Staff


Diplomacy Report:

The new changes for our structure are quite exciting, but do not impact the Diplomatic Division in any way. We look forward to answering questions from our contacts about the exciting new direction that Imperium is taking as it ramps up for the PU. Enjoy the changes and, as always, if you think you can be a good diplomat, don’t hesitate to apply on our recruitment thread!


Academy Report:

Finally we can talk about the next step in Imperium’s structure!

You’ve been teased for the months that we’ve been working on this and I hope you aren’t disappointed!

There is a massive wall of text involved, and it can seem daunting, but basically what it boils down to is months of hard work ensuring that Imperium has a workable structure to take us into the ‘Verse and use as a foundation to grow further.

What does this mean for Academy?


We’ll be working hard getting the foundation modules ready over the next few months to push out valid and effective courses as a basis for this system. Personally I’ll be concentrating on modules aimed at teamwork, leadership and instructing which will act as the backbone of everything to follow. Whether you’re on a mining op, deep space scouting or hauling cargo this will be relevant and hopefully interesting to each of you.

I’m not going to go too in-depth on what has been produced so far as it’s still in its rudimentary stages, but in the next few months I’ll be looking for even more specialists to assist Academy, volunteers to help provide input and feedback, and eventually instructors to pass on this knowledge to wherever it’s desired.

For more information, or if you’re interested in helping, contact any of the Academy staff.


Academy Commanding Officer


Intelligence Report:

As this month is a special month, we are keeping our report nice and short so that you won’t suffer from infoxification. As always, please report any suspicious activity here and if you have any questions about Imperium’s Intelligence Service please look here. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly, but in the mean time


Human Resources Report:

As mentioned in the previous Monthly Report HR has been working on a system to promote quality on our forums and we are finally ready to announce it here:

The Most Valuable Post (MVP) is coming to SCB!

We are giving everyone of you the opportunity to nominate one or more posts that you think improved the quality on SCB in general and encouraged healthy discussion.

HR will go through all your nominations each month and announce the winner right here, in the HR part of the monthly report. So keep watching this space!

The winner will receive a MVP badge to show off under their account and a Hangar Flair item as a way for us to say thank you for building our community. For more details and how you are able to nominate a post please take a look at the announcement here.

We are looking forward to your nominations and are getting back to you with a full report next month!